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Hope you all had a Happy Memorial Day. I certainly had a lazy one.

Saturday I went with my Uncle Mike and my cousin Ryan to see Pirates of the Carribean 3: At Worlds End. As per usual, if you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t like spoilers, I suggest you start skipping ahead. I could care less about spoilers, myself. It doesn’t in any way ruin the film for me to know what’s going to happen ahead of time.

I really loved this movie, and aside from one small fact, I thought it closed the trilogy off a LOT better than Spider-Man 3 did, or heck even X-Men 3 for that matter.

I really do not understand why people endlessly hate on Kiera Knightly. I really don’t. I’ve heard her called “mannish” more times than I can count. The crap is wrong with her, people? Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager, yeah, okay you have something there. Kiera Knightly is a beautiful self-confident woman, and I think she did a great job in this film. She handles her leadership role that her character gets halfway through the film very well. It’s unexpected, and yet as she develops it, totally believeable.

One thing I dislike about this film is one of the cut scenes that really should have been left there. Apparently, during the confrontation between Davey Jones and Tia Dalma, they make mention of the fact that the curse of the Flying Dutchman is broken if the captain’s lover remains faithful to him after 10 years at sea. After that he no longer has to spend only 1 day on land and then another 10 at sea, he is free. He’s mortal again, but free. Thus, the end scene after the credits becomes much more of a happy ending, because Will now has the rest of his life to spend with Elizabeth and his son, not just one day. However, that key fact is omitted from the film and you are left thinking Will is still bound to the Dutchman and only has one day to see his wife and son. I think that was a mistake on the filmmakers parts, it would have made the ending much less bittersweet.

I think my favorite returning character in this film has to be Hector Barbossa. It’s really hard to take a former villain and turn him into a pseudo-hero while still keeping true to that character, and Geoffrey Rush did an awesome job with it. He still feels like an epic villain, charming, larger-than-life, insidious, yet alongside the heroes all the same, until the end, when you’re left almost right where you begun, Jack marooned (albeit in a nicer place than “that Godforsaken spit of land”) and the Pearl under Barbossa after a mythical treasure, and Jack outwitting them yet again.

Speaking of that, I know people are saying “Oh, man they are SO leaving that open for a fourth film”, I gotta say I really don’t think so. I think they’re just leaving it to your imaginations. I mean, what would a fourth film be about, honestly? It would be the first film all over again, Jack trying to get revenge on Barbossa and get his ship back, without the added interest of Will Turner trying to win Elizabeth’s heart and the fact that the pirates are zombies. Yeah, I really have doubts about that one. Even if they do make it, would it really be interesting at all? Well, a Hollywood insider I am not, so I suppose only time can reveal the future of the Pirates franchise.

I also grabbed some new music this weekend, specifically the following albums
“The Physics of Fire” – Becoming the Archetype
“Jungle of the Midwest Sea” – Flatfoot 56
“The Yearbook” – KJ-52

So far not a one of them is disappointing. If you know me, you know I loves me some Becoming the Archetype, and some metal in general, and this album is defintely awesome. I mean, the entire album utilizes fire imagery in relation to Spiritual Development. I LOVE that stuff! Haven’t given them enough of a full listen to do full reviews, and I probably won’t, because I’m not very good with reviewing music. But I really like these albums, and I suggest you give all three a try, if you like their particular genres (Metal, celtic punk, and hip-hop, respectively).

And for anyone who’s wondering, yes Chris did call me. He just happened to check my blog that day for the first time in a while. Freaky coincidence, ain’t it? No, no it’s not. It’s totally God leaving me amazed. I wonder though, if I start mentioning him in every entry, will God lead him to read every one? Heh heh heh…hey, put that lightning bolt away, I’m kidding!!!

Allright, I’m calling this one good and done for now. Bye.



Man, you get to work early, get all squared away to leave on time, and then it starts raining!

And not just a light sprinkle, either, no it has to be pouring with extremely high winds. I was soaked and my umbrella was destroyed just trying to get out to my car.

And now, I’m sneezing. Poop.

Oh well, at least I have a three day weekend to kick back with. Yay.

I’mma go make something hot to eat now.

Hey Chris Stone, if you’re reading this, gimme a call dude. Unless I called you already. In which case, look down


It’s finally coming. Man I can’t wait to play it, looks AWESOME.

Here’s a couple of early demos video showing off some of the new and the old but updated units

Some good, some very very bad…

Well, here’s the good news folks. Yahoo Movies! has a new exclusive trailer for the Transformers film up, and the best term I can think of to describe it is “Face-meltingly AWESOME” Click right here to go to it.

The bad news: I have to work on Saturday…from 6:30am to 2pm. Sigh. At least it’s only for one week instead of the next 8 weeks like they TRIED to pull off on it. The union did something worthwhile for me for once.

The REALLY bad news: It looks like the millions of people who are in this country ILLEGALLY are going to get amnesty. A bipartisan Senate committee has reached an agreement on the matter, and it’s one that president Bush applauds. It’s amnesty wrapped up in a nice shiny coating, but it’s amnesty all the same. Hot Air’s got a running list of the details. It’s not pretty.
Republican congress and president for six years. SIX YEARS. And this is the legacy the Bush administration wants to leave on the way out. Massive fail, guys. Massive fail.

On the “learning something new everyday” front, I did not know that this whole phenomenon of cute kitty pictures with amusing captions had an actual name. Yeah. They’re called “lolcats”. Like, a combo word of “lol” and “cats”. Except you don’t say “lol” as “ELL-OH-ELL”, you just say “lol” with a long o. Yeah. Lolcats. Pretty crazy, eh.

How did Three fare?

Okay, so this past weekend I got my mom some new pajamas and a bedspread for Mother’s Day, ate hamburgers with the family, managed to (hopefully) save Nan’s computer from a massive spyware/virus infestation, got the yard mowed, and got a chance to catch Spider-Man 3.

Yeah, Spider-Man 3. And as is a given, you get my massive review here of it! But before we get started….


You have been warned.

I liked this movie a lot. I don’t know where it ranks as compared to the first one, but the second one is still my favorite, just because I think it was better executed.

First of all, I want to talk to all of you who are complaining about Venom: Shut up. You are wrong. Venom was awesome. The “living oozing alien” effect of the symbiote was very well done, and it doesn’t matter that he wasn’t all huge and buff, what matters is that they get the sadistic tendencies, monstrous teeth effect, and complete hatred for Spider-Man. All of which were spot on. About the only thing they could have done was the plural self-references (“We call ourselves…VENOM!”) and possibly the tongue. I also wish they hadn’t pulled the symbiote off of Brock’s face every time he had dialogue, because the vocal effect they used when he was fully masked (the few brief seconds they did use it) was really cool and should have been utilized more.

I also don’t understand how everyone can complain that all of the villians in this one were “too sympathetic”. First of all, if you sympathize with Harry Osborn at any point before his second fight sequence with Spidey, you have problems. The guy at that point is completely raged out of his mind. When he gets amnesia? Come on, you knew that was gonna fade. And then there’s his manipulation of MJ. Maybe when Spidey’s out of control because of the symbiote and keeps mocking Harry, but after that point, he’s no longer a villain in the film anyway. The Goblin/Spider-Man team up at the end of the film after he comes to his senses was probably one of my most favorite fight scenes in a superhero film.

Secondly, Venom. Again, if at any point you sympathize with him, you have problems. He’s smarmy, arrogant, selfish, and a liar. And you can add completely insane once he gets the symbiote. “Oh, but Peter ruined his life!” Oh you mean the life he established by faking a photo? Yeah, sorry, he deserved that. And then he asks God to kill someone for him. Completely evil, and that’s the way he should have been. A stellar interpretation of Spider-Man’s most iconic villain.

Sandman’s special effects were great as well, and I liked the little retcon they did to the orgin of Spider-Man to add him to it. It was the best way to feul the aggression of black-suit Spidey, and move that story along. Sandman’s supposed to eventually reform and join the Avengers anyway, so it’s good that they made him into a reluctant villain.

I do have a couple of problems with the film though, mostly stuff that was not shown.

1. Harry needed a short scene where he confronted his Father in his mind and ultimately rejected his hate, possibly as he was dying. They kind of left that little wrinkle hanging.
2. Parker did a crapload of shitty things to Harry and MJ while wearing the black suit, and at no point does he explain what that thing did to him or beg for forgiveness for his actions. He just re-dons the old red suit and acts like nothing bad happened, and the movie ends with MJ hugging him, no chance to explain, no happy reunion, nothing, it just abruptly ended. I don’t know if that’s a setup for a Spider-Man 4, but if it’s not, Spidey and MJ deserved a happier ending than that.

But on the whole, I thought this was a great Spider-Man film. The special effects and fights were nothing short of seventeen shades of awesome, the plot was extremely well done (despite the abrupt dangling ending), and all of the characters were very true to their origins. A great film and worth seeing.


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, who’s great and does so much for me, including going and seeing Spidey 3 with me. Be in prayer for her about a potential job opportunity that has come up for her. We’d both be so excited if this worked out.

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Aighty, that ends that. I tried to find a picture of a Spider-Cat for you, but alas, you’ll have to content youself with this one. Later gang.

Are they waking up?

Have you noticed in recent years that all we consistently hear from big media is that Bush and the Iraq War have made our former allies in Europe hate us all? I’ve heard it and read it numerous times, and yet the two nations who supposedly have the most rancor towards us have elected conservative, pro-American leaders: Nicolas Sarkozy in France and Angela Merkel in Germany.

Now, my first impulse as a conservative Christian (the latter first and foremost) is to cheer and rub this fact in the faces of all the unabashed liberals in manistream media. And while the MSM certainly needs as much egg on it’s face as we can throw, a second thought comes to my mind, that brings a little pause.

I’ve heard from numerous people over the years (some in the church and some out of) of a trend where these two same countries (and the United Kingdom as well) are becoming a so-called “Post-Christian” society, basically regarding God and the gospels as simple myths, hardly something an “enlightened” 21st century human would subscribe to. Certainly in the limited interaction I have had with Europeans via the Internet this would certainly seem to be the truth.

Now, we can debate if true Christians are “conservative” or “liberal” another time, this is not the stage for that, but most would agree that statistically speaking people who identify themselves as Christians tend to vote for politicians with conservative beliefs, at least in the United States.

So what springs to my mind is this: Is this same corollary between conservative voting and Christian self-identification true among the people of these three countries? And if the previous question bears the answer of yes, can we then take the elections of Sarkozy and Merkel as a sign that the trend of post-Christian secular humanism is beginning to abate or possibly reverse?

I do not know the answer to this, having never been to Europe myself, but I would be most interested in finding out from someone who has recently been, or currently is living there. Perhaps they are completely unrelated and the people of Europe simply are believing in conservative values but wouldn’t recognize the voice of God if He screamed into their ears. Or maybe this is just evidence that a move of God is underway, that people are beginning to truly know Jesus. The latter would bring great joy to my heart, the former, not so much.

I suppose with time further evidence will bear itself out as to what truly is happening across the pond. I’ll keep an eye on the blogosphere, either way.

And now, to alleviate the weightiness of the topic, here’s an adorable cat!

Almost, little guy, almost. w00t.


I do more crazy crap while the Extralife Radio podcast is being recorded. Go figure!