Pray for Josh and the others there.

Hey gang.

So here’s a quick update for ya. Josh Henry, one of my best friends, is going on an overseas outreach. Actually, he’s already there. I can’t tell you where exactly, save that it’s somewhere in east asia. It’s for security reasons. I highly doubt that anyone over there would be reading this, but hey, I’m just tellin’ ya like he asked me to. You can probably figure it out anyway.

All that is to say that I would appreciate it if you all were praying for him. Not just for safety either, pray for effectiveness in reaching the people there. Where he is, they really really need a flame lit up (Holy Spirit-speaking of course).

He’ll be there for the next month and a half, I believe.

Oh, and if anyone wants a good laugh, especially if you happen to be politically minded, go to Wikipedia and search for the term “Dominionism” I found that today during my lunchbreak and had to laugh. It’s meant to be derogatory, I know, but the word is so cool, I can’t help but like it.

Anyway, I swear at some point I’ll do another video entry, I’m just trying to think of something cool to do with it, and so far, nothing’s springing to mind.

That’s all for now, later.

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