Are they waking up?

Have you noticed in recent years that all we consistently hear from big media is that Bush and the Iraq War have made our former allies in Europe hate us all? I’ve heard it and read it numerous times, and yet the two nations who supposedly have the most rancor towards us have elected conservative, pro-American leaders: Nicolas Sarkozy in France and Angela Merkel in Germany.

Now, my first impulse as a conservative Christian (the latter first and foremost) is to cheer and rub this fact in the faces of all the unabashed liberals in manistream media. And while the MSM certainly needs as much egg on it’s face as we can throw, a second thought comes to my mind, that brings a little pause.

I’ve heard from numerous people over the years (some in the church and some out of) of a trend where these two same countries (and the United Kingdom as well) are becoming a so-called “Post-Christian” society, basically regarding God and the gospels as simple myths, hardly something an “enlightened” 21st century human would subscribe to. Certainly in the limited interaction I have had with Europeans via the Internet this would certainly seem to be the truth.

Now, we can debate if true Christians are “conservative” or “liberal” another time, this is not the stage for that, but most would agree that statistically speaking people who identify themselves as Christians tend to vote for politicians with conservative beliefs, at least in the United States.

So what springs to my mind is this: Is this same corollary between conservative voting and Christian self-identification true among the people of these three countries? And if the previous question bears the answer of yes, can we then take the elections of Sarkozy and Merkel as a sign that the trend of post-Christian secular humanism is beginning to abate or possibly reverse?

I do not know the answer to this, having never been to Europe myself, but I would be most interested in finding out from someone who has recently been, or currently is living there. Perhaps they are completely unrelated and the people of Europe simply are believing in conservative values but wouldn’t recognize the voice of God if He screamed into their ears. Or maybe this is just evidence that a move of God is underway, that people are beginning to truly know Jesus. The latter would bring great joy to my heart, the former, not so much.

I suppose with time further evidence will bear itself out as to what truly is happening across the pond. I’ll keep an eye on the blogosphere, either way.

And now, to alleviate the weightiness of the topic, here’s an adorable cat!

Almost, little guy, almost. w00t.

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