How did Three fare?

Okay, so this past weekend I got my mom some new pajamas and a bedspread for Mother’s Day, ate hamburgers with the family, managed to (hopefully) save Nan’s computer from a massive spyware/virus infestation, got the yard mowed, and got a chance to catch Spider-Man 3.

Yeah, Spider-Man 3. And as is a given, you get my massive review here of it! But before we get started….


You have been warned.

I liked this movie a lot. I don’t know where it ranks as compared to the first one, but the second one is still my favorite, just because I think it was better executed.

First of all, I want to talk to all of you who are complaining about Venom: Shut up. You are wrong. Venom was awesome. The “living oozing alien” effect of the symbiote was very well done, and it doesn’t matter that he wasn’t all huge and buff, what matters is that they get the sadistic tendencies, monstrous teeth effect, and complete hatred for Spider-Man. All of which were spot on. About the only thing they could have done was the plural self-references (“We call ourselves…VENOM!”) and possibly the tongue. I also wish they hadn’t pulled the symbiote off of Brock’s face every time he had dialogue, because the vocal effect they used when he was fully masked (the few brief seconds they did use it) was really cool and should have been utilized more.

I also don’t understand how everyone can complain that all of the villians in this one were “too sympathetic”. First of all, if you sympathize with Harry Osborn at any point before his second fight sequence with Spidey, you have problems. The guy at that point is completely raged out of his mind. When he gets amnesia? Come on, you knew that was gonna fade. And then there’s his manipulation of MJ. Maybe when Spidey’s out of control because of the symbiote and keeps mocking Harry, but after that point, he’s no longer a villain in the film anyway. The Goblin/Spider-Man team up at the end of the film after he comes to his senses was probably one of my most favorite fight scenes in a superhero film.

Secondly, Venom. Again, if at any point you sympathize with him, you have problems. He’s smarmy, arrogant, selfish, and a liar. And you can add completely insane once he gets the symbiote. “Oh, but Peter ruined his life!” Oh you mean the life he established by faking a photo? Yeah, sorry, he deserved that. And then he asks God to kill someone for him. Completely evil, and that’s the way he should have been. A stellar interpretation of Spider-Man’s most iconic villain.

Sandman’s special effects were great as well, and I liked the little retcon they did to the orgin of Spider-Man to add him to it. It was the best way to feul the aggression of black-suit Spidey, and move that story along. Sandman’s supposed to eventually reform and join the Avengers anyway, so it’s good that they made him into a reluctant villain.

I do have a couple of problems with the film though, mostly stuff that was not shown.

1. Harry needed a short scene where he confronted his Father in his mind and ultimately rejected his hate, possibly as he was dying. They kind of left that little wrinkle hanging.
2. Parker did a crapload of shitty things to Harry and MJ while wearing the black suit, and at no point does he explain what that thing did to him or beg for forgiveness for his actions. He just re-dons the old red suit and acts like nothing bad happened, and the movie ends with MJ hugging him, no chance to explain, no happy reunion, nothing, it just abruptly ended. I don’t know if that’s a setup for a Spider-Man 4, but if it’s not, Spidey and MJ deserved a happier ending than that.

But on the whole, I thought this was a great Spider-Man film. The special effects and fights were nothing short of seventeen shades of awesome, the plot was extremely well done (despite the abrupt dangling ending), and all of the characters were very true to their origins. A great film and worth seeing.


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, who’s great and does so much for me, including going and seeing Spidey 3 with me. Be in prayer for her about a potential job opportunity that has come up for her. We’d both be so excited if this worked out.

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Aighty, that ends that. I tried to find a picture of a Spider-Cat for you, but alas, you’ll have to content youself with this one. Later gang.

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