Some good, some very very bad…

Well, here’s the good news folks. Yahoo Movies! has a new exclusive trailer for the Transformers film up, and the best term I can think of to describe it is “Face-meltingly AWESOME” Click right here to go to it.

The bad news: I have to work on Saturday…from 6:30am to 2pm. Sigh. At least it’s only for one week instead of the next 8 weeks like they TRIED to pull off on it. The union did something worthwhile for me for once.

The REALLY bad news: It looks like the millions of people who are in this country ILLEGALLY are going to get amnesty. A bipartisan Senate committee has reached an agreement on the matter, and it’s one that president Bush applauds. It’s amnesty wrapped up in a nice shiny coating, but it’s amnesty all the same. Hot Air’s got a running list of the details. It’s not pretty.
Republican congress and president for six years. SIX YEARS. And this is the legacy the Bush administration wants to leave on the way out. Massive fail, guys. Massive fail.

On the “learning something new everyday” front, I did not know that this whole phenomenon of cute kitty pictures with amusing captions had an actual name. Yeah. They’re called “lolcats”. Like, a combo word of “lol” and “cats”. Except you don’t say “lol” as “ELL-OH-ELL”, you just say “lol” with a long o. Yeah. Lolcats. Pretty crazy, eh.

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