Hope you all had a Happy Memorial Day. I certainly had a lazy one.

Saturday I went with my Uncle Mike and my cousin Ryan to see Pirates of the Carribean 3: At Worlds End. As per usual, if you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t like spoilers, I suggest you start skipping ahead. I could care less about spoilers, myself. It doesn’t in any way ruin the film for me to know what’s going to happen ahead of time.

I really loved this movie, and aside from one small fact, I thought it closed the trilogy off a LOT better than Spider-Man 3 did, or heck even X-Men 3 for that matter.

I really do not understand why people endlessly hate on Kiera Knightly. I really don’t. I’ve heard her called “mannish” more times than I can count. The crap is wrong with her, people? Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager, yeah, okay you have something there. Kiera Knightly is a beautiful self-confident woman, and I think she did a great job in this film. She handles her leadership role that her character gets halfway through the film very well. It’s unexpected, and yet as she develops it, totally believeable.

One thing I dislike about this film is one of the cut scenes that really should have been left there. Apparently, during the confrontation between Davey Jones and Tia Dalma, they make mention of the fact that the curse of the Flying Dutchman is broken if the captain’s lover remains faithful to him after 10 years at sea. After that he no longer has to spend only 1 day on land and then another 10 at sea, he is free. He’s mortal again, but free. Thus, the end scene after the credits becomes much more of a happy ending, because Will now has the rest of his life to spend with Elizabeth and his son, not just one day. However, that key fact is omitted from the film and you are left thinking Will is still bound to the Dutchman and only has one day to see his wife and son. I think that was a mistake on the filmmakers parts, it would have made the ending much less bittersweet.

I think my favorite returning character in this film has to be Hector Barbossa. It’s really hard to take a former villain and turn him into a pseudo-hero while still keeping true to that character, and Geoffrey Rush did an awesome job with it. He still feels like an epic villain, charming, larger-than-life, insidious, yet alongside the heroes all the same, until the end, when you’re left almost right where you begun, Jack marooned (albeit in a nicer place than “that Godforsaken spit of land”) and the Pearl under Barbossa after a mythical treasure, and Jack outwitting them yet again.

Speaking of that, I know people are saying “Oh, man they are SO leaving that open for a fourth film”, I gotta say I really don’t think so. I think they’re just leaving it to your imaginations. I mean, what would a fourth film be about, honestly? It would be the first film all over again, Jack trying to get revenge on Barbossa and get his ship back, without the added interest of Will Turner trying to win Elizabeth’s heart and the fact that the pirates are zombies. Yeah, I really have doubts about that one. Even if they do make it, would it really be interesting at all? Well, a Hollywood insider I am not, so I suppose only time can reveal the future of the Pirates franchise.

I also grabbed some new music this weekend, specifically the following albums
“The Physics of Fire” – Becoming the Archetype
“Jungle of the Midwest Sea” – Flatfoot 56
“The Yearbook” – KJ-52

So far not a one of them is disappointing. If you know me, you know I loves me some Becoming the Archetype, and some metal in general, and this album is defintely awesome. I mean, the entire album utilizes fire imagery in relation to Spiritual Development. I LOVE that stuff! Haven’t given them enough of a full listen to do full reviews, and I probably won’t, because I’m not very good with reviewing music. But I really like these albums, and I suggest you give all three a try, if you like their particular genres (Metal, celtic punk, and hip-hop, respectively).

And for anyone who’s wondering, yes Chris did call me. He just happened to check my blog that day for the first time in a while. Freaky coincidence, ain’t it? No, no it’s not. It’s totally God leaving me amazed. I wonder though, if I start mentioning him in every entry, will God lead him to read every one? Heh heh heh…hey, put that lightning bolt away, I’m kidding!!!

Allright, I’m calling this one good and done for now. Bye.

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    • June 1st, 2007


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