Aaaaah full out Star Wars nerd time fun.

So yesterday, I went out to the opening day of the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History with Mom. It was extremely cool. They had a lot of costumes and movie props on display, including some of the models they’d shot the space scenes with, along with some exhibits detailing how the special effects were done and how some of the concepts were actually being implemented in real life (such as with cybernetics or future deep-space shuttles). After that, we went to the Omni IMAX theatre where we saw a documentary on special effects, which was very interesting. If ya like Star Wars, it’s a worthwhile $20 to spend. Though you might wanna bring more, because the Star Wars Store is extremely comprehensive, and ya might wanna walk out with a sweet-awesome shirt as well (or in my case, a shirt, a poster, and the Complete Cross-Sections book, heh heh heh). Check out some of the pictures below.

Oh, and if you wanna know about the next edition of Bmatt TV…well I got nothin’ for ya yet. We’ll see what we can do. I just haven’t had any good inspiration, but we’ll see what we can come up with later.

Josh gets back this Friday, so I should be in Waco sometime soon. Catch ya’ll around.

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