Dun….dun dun dun…..dun dun dun….DANANANANANANA!

Back…in black. Or possibly blue. In fact, I’m wearing blue as I type this, but Back in Blue doesn’t really have the same feeling to it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear something black and then blog again, then it might work. I digress.

Waco. After a month and a half without it, I gotta tell ya it was fun to go back. I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in ages. And plenty of people I had seen in ages too, of course.

Friday night was me and Chris grabbin’ some food, hanging out, waiting for Josh to pull in from his trip overseas. By the way, now that he’s back, I can tell you he was in China and Thailand, working with a long term team over there. Anyway, after we got food we met Jacob and Joseph at a snowcone place, the name of which escapes me. We were going to rent a movie, but we couldn’t come to any agreement on one, until I stumbled upon “Unbreakable” which I had never seen. Joseph was insistent that Chris had mentioned having that one at the D-house already, so we just headed back with the intention of seeing that one. Chris informed us that we were mistaken, he said they had “Invincible”. After much groaning and laughter, we ended up watching SOMETHING, but I can’t remember what. I know it wasn’t Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 or One Night With the King, because both of those got watched on Saturday. However, I am completely blanking out. Darn it.

At any rate, Josh eventually did show up. Myself, Chris, Lee, and Smith were all outside waiting on him, (and I think Drew was there too, blasted useless memory) and when he pulled up, we all agreed that we would pretend we were engrossed in a story and not notice him at all. Worked pretty well, and Josh, probably confused, just went on inside. At which point we of course followed him back in, laughing and all.

Saturday, I hung out with Josh and Gino at lunch, Kyle joined us later, and we headed over to his place to catch up. After that, Josh had a date planned with Angie, so I hung out downstairs with Drew as he prepared to leave Waco forever for Portland, Oregon. Yes, it’s true, the time of Drew in Waco has ended. Tis’ a sad day. He left Sunday and should be well on his way there as I type this. At any rate, we ordered some pizza and watch TMNT 2 that night. Chris and Joseph showed up later when they got off work and then we saw One Night with the King, which is actually a very good film I think, a dramatic retelling of the Biblical story of Esther.

Sunday was Church (sermon on the power of a Father for Father’s day and all), and then we all grabbed food on our own and met up back at the house (most people ironically enough got Bush’s Chicken), where none other than Ted Murray showed up with Drew. Man, I missed Ted. He cracks me up. He and Drew together are best described as “a riot”. After everyone headed out, I went and got some ice cream with Chris, Josh, Angie, and Mindy. Cold Stone is very good, and it had been too long since I had it. However, they seem to have gotten rid of the Cinnamon ice cream. I WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH AN INJUSTICE!! When we got back, it was getting to be about the time I should head back home, when Drew called Smith and invited him and myself to a little get together at his place. And he then uttered the magic word: Halo. Oh yeah, now we’re kickin’ it old school. And it definitely felt like the old KSG days when Andy and Justin were there. The repeated sucking of Brandon also felt just like old times. I got back into a semi-groove soon enough. Makes me wonder if I should get an Xbox360 for some Halo 3 love.

Then I drove home, after the Bellmead Wendy’s lost my order, with a headache the whole time. Not fun. Also when I got home, our internet connection was still very unstable and the phones were dead again. This has been happening a lot over the past few days. It goes through periods where nothing will be wrong, everything will be superfast, and then it will just have skyrocketing latency. I can’t maintain any sort of a connection to World of Warcraft, downloading any podcasts becomes impossible, and loading pages takes forever, and usually times out. Unacceptable! Thankfully someone is coming out to look at the phone line, hopefully getting that fixed will also solve the lag issues.

Well, I guess that’s it from me. I’m being told I must come down on the 4th of July for those 5 days I have off (the last of which includes my 24th birthday), so I might be back as soon as then. Someone at some point is going to have to see Transformers with me if that happens!!

Back to work, and back to lolkittehs.

    • Debbie aka. mom
    • June 19th, 2007

    yeah for fixed phone lines and internet. sorry it took so long.

    • Josh
    • June 19th, 2007

    I concur on the Independence Day visit…I hope that you are able to come again so soon!Talk to you later!

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