It’s what all the cool Blood Elf Warlocks are riding these days

Real quick one gang, some more WoW Screenshots.

My Blood Elf Warlock, Nihilus, hit level 40 today, which is the first level you become eligible for a mount to ride. Now normally, one has to pay for the riding skill training (which is somewhat pricey) and the mount itself (which is really not).

However, one of the features of the warlock class is that at 40 you learn a spell to summon a mount of your own, called a Fel Steed. Learning the spell happens to grant both the skill and the mount at a substantially reduced cost.

However, since the Blood Elves are a new race in the game, they have a new mount called a hawkstrider to go with them. And since it looked so weird, like a big ol’ black chicken, I figured I had to have one. Here’s some pics! Click to see bigger ones.

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