Upcoming birthday love

This message brought to you by your friends at Bmatt Enterprises, Incorporated. Bmatt Enterprises: Where the future meets the crazy.

Hi friends. I’m Brandon Matthews, founder, president, CEO, CIO, CTO, Supreme-Dictator-for-Life, and marketing manager of Bmatt Enterprises. I’m here to remind you of a very important upcoming date.

On this upcoming date, 24 years ago, a great thing happened. Something very unique and special came into this world….oh forget it I can’t keep this up anymore. I’m making MYSELF sick and I like me.

I really should start a Bmatt Enterprises though. Just for the business cards.

So yeah, my birthday is coming in 10 days. If you would like to get me something for it, click the big button below

My Amazon.com Wish List

Since Bell is shut down the 4th through the 6th, I’ll be in Waco on Tuesday after work until late Friday. I have to go home for the 7th and the 8th for an uncle’s wedding. I’ll bring some DP for you guys too.

iPhone comes out tomorrow. No, I’m not getting one. Too expensive for too little storage space. More gigs, less dollars, then we’ll talk. Plus I’d have to get a new cingular contract, and I just recently renewed mine. I like having all my music on one device, I don’t want to have to pick and choose. Would love to play with it though.

I’m slowly coming to the realization that I may need to trade my car in. But I have no idea on if I should get a new car, or find a used one, or where do I look for a used one, or anything. Do I buy, or do I try this leasing thing I keep hearing about? Never been much of a car guy. Anybody have any ideas on where to start? Should I just deal with mine and get a Wii instead?

Aight, enough for now. Them zombies ain’t gonna shoot themselves.

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