Vacations in Waco. I know, but it worked, trust me

Hey guys. Just gonna post a few photos I took with ye olde cell phone camera. More about all the cool stuff I did and got later.

These were all taken on Tuesday night while myself, Andy, Josh, and Joseph all waited in line to see Transformers (which as you know, was awesome. If you disagree, you are wrong and stupid. :-D) As you can see we were being very goofy. We were excited. Can ya blame us!

The below ones were taken on Wednesday afternoon. I had lunch with Kelley, Lindsey, their mom, Chris, and Courtney Waters. Lindsey and Daniel’s dogs just had puppies, and Kelley and Chris are going to adopt one. They were choosing between 2, named Kia and Zoe, and so they asked Lindsey to bring them both over so I could meet them, and because her mom wanted to see them again. So here’s some puppy photos. They’re pit bulls by the way, and absolutely adorable. Kelley and Chris ended up deciding on Kia (though they want to rename her). She’s the one with the dark patch over her right (your right) eye.

Finally, the rest are just random ones. The first 2 are from Wednesday evening, prior to us going out and watching fireworks, me, Josh, Angie, and Mindy went over to Kyle’s place and hung out with him. Angie and Mindy made us all burgers. The last 2 are from Thursday I think. Josh and Angie were discussing fonts for their invitations or something like that. I was just hangin’ out.

Enjoy. Click to embiggen, as usual. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. The next day is my birthday and I have no idea what may be in store. I’ll talk to ya’ll soon again.

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