Phat lewts at level 24

Welcome back. It’s July 11th. Day three into the 25th year of my life. My 24th has recently been completed and celebrated, as you can all probably guess. And as is customary in these parts, people gave me gifts. And I cherish and thank them all for it!

I am now in posession of Command and Conquer 3, for starters. The latest in the awesome series. The graphics in this thing are spectacular. I love how they got so many good, mainstream actors in this game’s FMV cutscenes. Josh Holloway from Lost, Jennifer Morrison from House, a couple of actors from Battlestar Galactica who’s names escape me, Billy Dee Williams of Star Wars fame, Michael Ironsides, it’s a very good, high quality cast. The gameplay is very straightforward C&C goodness, I just have to get used to it again. I haven’t actively played an RTS since Warcraft III, and I’ve never been terribly good at them anyway! Still, they are very fun.

I also got a Game Boy Advance from Josh. It may be an old system by now, but it still has many many classicly awesome games, and I managed to get a couple used onces for very cheap: Metroid Fusion and Final Fantasy 1&2: Dawn of Souls. Both are extremely fun: Metroid Fusion is a challenging 2D platformer, and on Dawn of Souls, I’m reliving the good ol’ days of Final Fantasy 1, but with updated graphics and a much better translation. Good times.

I also have Season 5 of Star Trek DS9. Season 5, you ask? Do you have Season 1-4? Well, the answer is no, I don’t. I don’t have any seasons of Star Trek anything. So why DS9 and why Season 5? Well, I LIKE DS9. A lot. It’s actually my favorite Star Trek series, as a whole. Maybe the later seasons of Next Generation are better, and maybe some episodes or seasons of Voyager are better, but in my opinion, taking every series as a whole, DS9 is consistently the best. It never has a “bad time”. It’s very enjoyable, start to finish. Early Next Generation seasons are pretty bad, if you ask me. And the original series is nigh-unwatchable. So yes, I like DS9. As for why season 5, it has some of my more favorite episodes in terms of character development, as well as the very cool tribute show “Trials and Tribble-ations”.

My Dad gave me a sweet awesome Titanium die-cast replica of the Republic Gunship from Star Wars: Episode II, which is my favorite ship from the entire prequel trilogy. It actually has the paint job of the Gunship from the later episodes of the Clone Wars cartoon, the one that carried the ARC trooper team when they fought Greivous (if you’ve seen it, you would recognize the paint job right away). It looks AWESOME, and I like it a lot. You might see this thing in another episode of Bmatt TV, if I do one soon, which I want to try to do. They also got me a cool shirt with some camo cargo shorts to match it. Not something I’ve worn before, definitely, but it looks pretty good I think!

I also have Ice Age II and the Incredibles on DVD as well. Great CGI films, I think you’ll agree.

So, to all who are reading this who gave me one or more of these gifts, I cannot say thank you enough times. I enjoy these items greatly, and I thank you for everything, your friendship, love, and caring.

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