Some semblance of normalcy at work?

Hey gang. Just a quick update about work.

If you didn’t know, the other guy buying Forgings (besides me) was a guy named Mike Suarez. He’d been with the company for years, knew the ins and outs of how to do everything that was required as a buyer, bought every commodity possible, basically he was a good resource for me (and my boss!) if we needed to know what the proper procedure was. And he was a decent guy too, in a lot of ways.

Well, through a series of convoluted events, he basically had to transfer against his will back to Plant 1 in Hurst, which is where I started working for Bell at. And since that happened, I’d pretty much been handling all of Bell’s Forgings on my own. And it was beatin’ me down quite a bit.

Well, this past Monday, the new hire finally started. She’s a lady named Lisa who worked at Bell a long time ago, as well as Vought Aerospace, in a procurement setting for years, and left it to teach. Now she’s come back. She knows forgings pretty well, but she’s been away from Bell for so long, she has no idea how our computer systems work, what the new procedures are, none of it.

So it’s been an interesting couple of days getting her acclimated to everything again. And she still hasn’t been given a computer yet, so she can’t really get up to speed on that yet. I walked her through how to see her daily buyer reqs, how to see what parts are past due, and got her some contact names so she could begin statusing them, and get RFQs out there for some of the parts she needs to buy. And I gotta tell ya, it couldn’t have come soon enough. So many of my parts were getting past due, and I couldn’t even think to check on them because I was trying to balance everything all at once. Now that I only have my stuff to worry about, it’s like a big ol’ monkey off the back and I can actually get some work done. I felt more productive today than I have in a while. I cannot wait until my boss returns from his business trip and he can finish her training.

So yeah, ELR is recording tonight, so I’ll be attending the live chat room and video feed. It’s a fun little evening thing, a nice break from all the gaming I’ve been doing after work.

Speaking of a nice break, I took Lisa out to Plant 1 to get her some office supplies (it’s frankly just quicker to go over there rather than wait for them to send them over, plus she had some old Bell and Vought coworkers she wanted to get re-acquainted with). I got to see a lot of my old coworkers, which was nice. They’ve got Adam, Vicki, and Karyn, probably the three people who I’m friends with that are closest to me in age, all sitting together. Part of me wishes I was over there next to them, because I bet that would be a fun arrangement. However, it won’t happen. I really don’t want to go back to plant 1 anyway. Too much management and politics. And not enough good places to eat around there. Ah well

I’m drinking Sunny D right now. Delicious.


    • Debbie
    • July 18th, 2007

    Wow did not know you got a new co-worker. Thats good. I guess people who live together should talk ever so ofter huh?

    • debbie
    • July 18th, 2007

    and maybe learn to spell too? (often–sorry I know you cringed when you saw that typo. ) guess that is why they have a preview button.

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