It’s always the second time with these things!

Well, I think I may have to take back many of those nice things I said about Toyota of Fort Worth. Because while they were all too willing to put me in a Prius for a test drive, they were not willing at all to work with me on financing, and indeed, attempted to bully me into buying a car that I did not want with financing methods that I did not want to use. Not to mention charge me outrageous extra fees that I have never even heard of.

As you can imagine, my car buying experience yesterday morning did not go so well with these people. I left in something resembling disgust and fury mixed together and left to bake at 450 degrees for an hour.

They told me the Prius package I wanted (Package #2) was apparently somewhat rare, not a whole lot of them were made, and those that were are pretty much already gone. They couldn’t pull any one of them from any dealer in the five-state gulf region. Well, as soon as I get home, I checked their website. I found package #2 Priuses in BOTH colors I was thinking about, BOTH for well under the price I was able to pay.

So they lied to me in order to get me to buy a higher dollar car (a package #3 which includes the 6-disc CD Changer and the in-dash bluetooth panel, both of which are nifty but hardly a necessity for me, plus everything in package #2) and would not even allow me to consider any one of the several package #2s their website stated were available

Any of you who know me know I DESPISE being lied to.

So later that night, Mom and I look around for other Toyota dealerships close by, and found Freeman Toyota up in Hurst, fairly close to the Bell plant I used to work at before being transferred to Grand Prairie. At the door, we’re met by the manager of fleet and internet sales. He takes us up to his office and finds a gray package 2 Prius, and not only is the sticker within my price range, he immediately takes even more off of that. It’s the way Fleet sales are done, they go bottom line right off the bat, but no negotiations. Which given my negotiation skills, or lack thereof, this is fine and dandy with me. The only catch is, they have to ship it here, which can take 2-4 weeks. Ah well, waiting for the car I want at a price I can pay is fine by me.

I just realized I never explained the whole “Chupa” name for my current car. I’ll do that later. Right now, I gotta mow the yard. Later. Lolcat will also accompany said entry.

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