Month of Change

September promises to be an interesting month for your friendly neighborhood B-Matt.

First of all, I finally got word on my new car. She will be at the dealership on the 10th, so you can bet I’ll be over there picking her up, getting all the financing details straightened out, and all that. This will be my first “new” car, and I’m hyped about it. I really think this is a solid investment. The Prius gets very high ratings from all the consumer reports, it’s very reasonably priced, gets great mileage, and it drives really great.

Secondly, I got the promotion I was going for here at Bell. It’s back at the old plant I was working at initially, not where I thought I was going to go, but that’s not a bad thing. My title will be “Senior Supply Management Administrator”, and I’ll be working on the V-22 Program exclusively. I’ll be going from buying parts and managing the schedules of a small subgroup of suppliers in a specific commodity to looking at all parts for the V-22 program, analyzing dates that parts are supposed to come in, and helping to align that with our production schedule. I’ll also be helping to develop plans for high-risk parts, ones that if we don’t get on time will seriously hamper our ability to build these aircraft, to mitigate the risk of delayed shipments or bad-quality parts. I hope that made some kind of sense. At any rate, the pay raise is very significant and I no longer have to deal with being pressured to join the union, because this position is not unionized. I’m quite excited for this opportunity. I start it on the 17th.

A few very short days later, my brother and best friend, David Butler, is getting married to his beloved Holland Tanner. I’m goin’ down to Houston on the 21st to be there for that. I’m very very happy for him and looking forward to having a good time there.

My mom goes days starting next week, so she’ll no longer be working the night shift. That means she’ll be home when I’m home and can do stuff like a normal human can. The possibility of us driving each other crazy is always there, but I think it’ll be a good thing for her. Plus she’s a hell of a lot better cook than I ever will be, heh heh.

Finally, this weekend is Labor Day weekend. Three day weekend. No idea what the crap I’m going to do with myself. Going to Waco again is always a possibility, if they will have me. It’s also possible I will find something fun to do at home. We shall see!

What does the upcoming month hold for you guys?

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