Hey all. I’ll be gone this weekend, camping with David Butler and his other groomsmen as part of his bachelor party.

I just want to point out that this saturday, 9/15, is the anniversary of the date my life was changed forever.

Eight years ago I was at Southcliff Baptist Church, a new member in the youth group there. Mostly thanks to the very man who’s getting married in a week.

That night a nearby church experienced a tragedy and horror. Several people died when a disturbed young man entered and began shooting.

We left early that night, after praying and crying. But as I loaded up everything I had brought with me, Rex Butler stopped me. He couldn’t let me leave until he knew for sure that I knew Christ, intimately. It was at that point I realized that I only thought I had. I was never certain. I did not want to be uncertain anymore. I knew what God had done for me, for us all, but for ME specifically. That sounds selfish, but I think you understand. I knew it. But I truly did not understand it. Not until then. I prayed for God to finally take residence in my heart. I wanted Him, forever. I wanted to surrender control and in the process find hope fulfilled and love everlasting.

Now, 8 years later, I feel as if I have only begun to truly understand my savior and what he has, is, and will always be doing with me, and with us all.

And I look forward to going ever deeper with it. No matter how long it takes to even glimpse the smallest morsel of understanding and feeling the truth, I am His. I will never be anything but that.

So this weekend I go to celebrate not only the 8 years of friendship with one of the greatest men I have had the privilege of knowing as he takes the truly blessed step of marriage, but also to celebrate Jesus. Because in death, He granted me life eternal.

May He continue to bless you as well, with all that He has given me, and far more.

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