Mawwige. What bwings us togevah….today.

Well, as they say, 1 down, 2 to go.

David and Holland are now married. Hitched. Tied together. Insert your favorite marriage-aphorism here.

Wedding was beautiful, to say the least. Having the land of Scotland close to her heart, Holland wanted to incorporate some elements from there into her wedding. Which means, yes you guessed it, formal highland attire for the groom. David was most definitely sporting a kilt (the answer to the question you are all now asking yourselves is yes, by the way). And ironically enough, it actually looked pretty good. Originally they planned to have the groomsmen wearing this as well, but ultimately settled on just David. We all wore more traditional tuxedos (which, I must add, we all looked very pimp in). Overall I’m very happy for the both of them and wish them the greatest joy and happiness ever.

Which makes me feel really really stupid that I left their wedding present in my car. And that I didn’t realize that until I was in Waco. Oy. Sorry guys. I’ll mail the stuff to you.

Next up is Josh and Angie, less than 2 weeks away, and then a couple of months later, Chris and Kelley. It’s a season to get married, apparently!

So, yeah, I have my new car now. A 2008 Toyota Prius. And man oh man is she one sexy machine. I’ll post some pics tomorrow. But DANG. She drives great, she has AWESOME features, and is just a joy and a blessing from God.

It’s really really late or else I’d yammer on more about my car. But I really need to go to bed.

After I re-read Planet Hulk. And possibly the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price. Both excellent books.


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