Wedding the Two

You know I suppose I should say something about Josh and Angie and the fact that they’re MARRIED now!

This past weekend was ye olde wedding day for my bro. I can’t believe 2 of my best friends are married men now. And the third is only in a month and a half.

Am I jealous? Maybe a little bit. But I reckon there’s a reason, so I choose to trust. Which doesn’t mean I don’t question it. Loudly. And often. I imagine God thinks my rants on that subject are rather hilarious, given that He knows the ultimate overall story to the rest of my life (by virtue of having written it). Some days this being limited with respect to viewing time really stinks.

At any rate, the wedding was great, though poor Josh was stressed out the whole weekend right up until it started. But we managed to get everything done and prepped, so hopefully he enjoyed it all as it happened. He should be back in the next couple of days from the honeymoon.

Had an absolute ball hanging out with everyone again. Pirate raids. One last time of what can only be described as “D-House Bro-age” for Josh. Watching “The Prestige” with Chris, Kelley, and Joseph. Sardines on campus (and the mysterious vanishing Tony). Breakfast at Adriana and Janette’s. Watching everyone dance (or in some cases try to do so) at the reception. Good times.

Funny story, I noticed this weekend for the first time that one of my rear doors would not lock. I couldn’t lock it manually, with the keychain, with any of the switches in the car, it was like it was jammed. Chris and Kelley went with me to the mall to take everyone’s tuxedos back and Kelley kept opening her door without me near the car. I kept wondering if the smart key had a bigger range than I thought, until finally I got back there and figured out the lock was jammed open. Well, I got it over to Freeman Toyota yesterday, my dealer set me up with one of their mechanics, and he took the car off to go fix it. Meanwhile I go over to the waiting room and pull out my work laptop, thinking maybe I’ll check my email while I wait. I pull out the computer and don’t even have the wireless internet up and running when my dealer comes over and tells me it’s fixed. No idea how it got jammed, but he had it done in minutes, and gave it a free car wash as well. I really do have an incredible dealer lookin’ out for me with this purchase. I seriously recommend them if you’re wanting a new Toyota. (And with an average 45-50 mpg a Prius is a darn good investment!)

I’m having a good week so far I reckon, getting a lot accomplished. Only thing on the horizon I really want to do is get my Blood Elf warlock to level 58 (he’s currently 56) and finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I really really didn’t want to buy that until it came out in paperback, but dangit, I wanna know how the story finishes out! Why in paperback you ask? Because a couple of weeks ago I got the first 6 books in paperback and I didn’t want my collection to not match. Yes, I know that makes me borderline obsessive-compulsive, hush. I bought the darn hardcover didn’t I?? Organization shall not stand in the way of a good read! Too bad I can’t replace “Organization” with “Work” in that sentence.

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