HL2 Episode 2

If you are playing Half-Life 2: Episode 2 at the moment (or intend to at some point), be advised that this post has spoilers.

I just finished my first run through of the game. It’s incredibly fun. More of an outdoor environment than the dark sewers or cityscapes of Episode 1, and Valve did a beautiful job.

But the ending…that incredible battle with the Striders, the awesome cinematic watching the portal close, we FINALLY get some indication of WHO the G-Man is and what he’s doing, and the final reward is watching Eli Vance get murdered by a Combine Advisor, fading to black with the sounds of Alyx crying over her father’s body??

Gah…so depressing. Valve had better get Episode 3 out to us a lot quicker than 2. This is almost as bad as the cliffhanger ending to Halo 2. And when they do, I’m going to enjoy putting lead justice into every Advisor I come across.

Still, incredibly fun. I’m going to enjoy playing through it again, and especially doing some of these unlockables.

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