Happy Birfday Mom!

First of all, let me say Happy Birthday to my Mom, who turned 1 year older on November 3rd. She got some other great pieces for the living room this past weekend. I swear I’ll get some pictures up soon!

While she was out on a weekend long trip with her friends, I opted to take the opportunity to head down to Waco and visit all my peeps. It was also Homecoming for BU this particular weekend.

Friday night was a blast. We got a big huge group of people at On the Border, and just had a ball in general. Got to see Lindsey and Daniel Cazac again (by the way praise God, the man got a great job in NC before their move later next month), and…I dunno how to describe it, it was just a fun evening. Plus those Chipotle Steak Tacos are delicious.

Saturday Chris and Kelley had a wedding shower at the Bonow’s place. I failed at the quiz game miserably though. Ah well. On Saturday, Rudyard turned 20, and the D-house guys threw him a suprise party. Justin committed arson on our taste buds with his extra spicy enchiladas. Fortunately he also made non-spicy ones, which were delish. We played Russian Tag, which entails going out to a playground and picking 2 people to be “it”. Those 2 people have to keep their eyes closed, but only they can touch the ground. Everyone else must navigate the playground equipment to avoid them, but if they touch the ground or get tagged, they’re out. Last 2 people standing are rewarded with congratulations…and must now be “it” themselves. It’s a LOT of fun, I have to admit. Lee and Angie literally blitzed through one round, tagging people left and right. After that, the nerds among us went back and watched an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, at Rudyard’s request. It was the two-parter “Year of Hell”. I’ve seen it, it’s a very good episode.

Sunday…Church, lunch with Josh/Angie/Lee/Rudyard/Mindy/Emily/Julie/Megan/a girl named Theresa who I just met/ at Fazoli’s (DANG I missed those breadsticks), and afterwards I went along on a shopping trip with Josh, Angie, and Mindy. The poor girls subjected Josh to a clothes shopping trip, which also turned into a lesson in fashion. Me? I was no help, I sided with Angie. Actually, they found him a very nice brown/blue shirt, and I found one of the same style but in gray and red, so I grabbed that.

Oh yeah, I also hit the comic store and Mardel’s as well. The comic store was completely sold out of the latest issues of Star Wars Legacy, so I couldn’t get those, but I got caught up on KOTOR, Dark Times, and Rebellion (though actually they were missing one issue of Rebellion I don’t have also). I really really am growing fond of Knights of the Old Republic the more I read it. I think there’s a Trade paperback of the first six issues, pick it up and see if you like. It’s based on the video game of the same name, but you don’t have to have played it to enjoy it.

On the recommendation of one Stephen Schleicher of the now-shut down majorspoilers.com, I also picked up volume 1 of Image’s “Invincible”. It’s about a kid who has to deal with all the normal high school teen issues, but in addition, his dad is a powerful superhero and now that puberty’s hitting him, his powers are manifesting as well. Volume 1 is kind of introductory fare, getting the reader set up completely into the world of Invincible, establishing the major characters and relationships, but Volume 2 is apparently where it really picks up, because we find out…well, you know what, go read them for yourself. It’s a new take on classic superhero themes, and there’s a big swerve waiting for you in Volume 2.

Okay, so now we come to today. I’m sure I’ve told most of you who read this thing about the big move that took place this weekend. If not, recap time. Basically, the whole office area where I work is being renovated. New carpet, new cubicles, new furniture, whole nine yards. The plan was to shuffle people around as particular areas were torn down and rebuilt, but the floor is just too full. So they relocated a sizable chunk of the people to another plant (which is just down the road). Unfortunately that sizeable chunk consisted of all of the buyers and many of the supply management specialists/administrators. Including yours truly. So, now we’re at a completely different facility and shoved into some VERY tight quarters. You’ve got 2 people to a cubicle now, and managers sharing with each other or with buyers in some cases. We’ve got a much reduced amount of desk space. The conference room we’ve been allocated is a very small office. The air apparently doesn’t work cause it’s FREAKIN’ HOT!! And we’re gonna be here for about five months. Fun time. Oh well, I reckon somehow, we’ll muddle on through.

Speaking of which, I think I’ve muddled through this entry enough. I’ll catch ya’ll later. Gonna go rock out to Thousand Foot Krutch’s “The Flame in All of Us”.

    • Anonymous
    • November 7th, 2007

    Lindsey Cazac- Brandon, always a pleasure to read the ole’ blogsta’ or as my grandma says, “Linsey, have you heard of people writing blobs?” ..Meemaw, they’re called bloGs..ha!

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