Rants aplenty.

Don’t you just love media bias? No? That’s okay, I was being sarcastic. I hate it. It’s completely idiotic, and what’s worse, there are a lot of people who believe it with no real thought to challenge it.

Take the so called assumption that video games are inherently linked to violence. You’ve all heard that one, no doubt. There’s been plenty of studies that supposedly link the two, and others that say there is no connection. So why the significant difference?

Dr. Christopher Ferguson has a theory, one he published in Psychiatric Quarterly (which I found out via Ars Technica here), that suggests a combination of nonstandard experimentation, and, yes you guessed it, publication bias is responsible.

Publication bias, for the record, is the tendency of researchers and journals to only publish positive results in experimentation.

Take a look at the article for yourself to see his meta-analysis of the research on the topic. He basically eliminated all studies that did not show or measure actual aggressive behavior (leaving only 17 published studies) and of all of those, not ONE did not show a severe publication bias.

So basically, there does not exist a single study linking violent games and actual violent behavior that is scientifically sound. I love it.

I’ll say it again people. Games only trigger violent behavior in people who were ALREADY PREDISPOSED TO IT anyway. Know your children. Know what they’re playing (and play with them). Teach them the difference between gaming and reality. Take some responsibility. STOP SHIFTING BLAME.

In other news, the RIAA and MPAA have successfully lobbied House Democrats to incorporate a provision into the College Opportunity and Affordability Act that FORCES colleges to provide legal paying alternatives to P2P filesharing, or else they would lose ALL FEDERAL FUNDING. No grants or financial aid if you don’t give your students Napster or some equivalent (source).

First of all, since when is it the responsibility of the Federal Government to protect an industry’s failing business model? Secondly, is anyone else worried that universities are going to turn around and apply this cost to the student’s already way-to-freaking-high college costs? “Opportunity and Affordability” indeed. The House Education and Labor Committee aides SAY that these penalties are myths, but the Bill’s language proper indicates otherwise. Would our favorite little media mafia empires support it so heavily otherwise? I doubt it, personally. The bill also provides for “voluntary grants” for schools, in partnership with outside organizations, to develop effective and reasonably priced anti-piracy tools. Given the MPAA and RIAA’s track record, I suspect these so called tools will be used to augment their lawsuit sprees against so called “pirates”. Whatever happened to reasonable expectations of privacy?

Call your House represenative, and get this killed before it ever makes it out of the House. Please. The MPAA and RIAA are out of control with their lawsuits and lobbying to protect their failing content business model and need to be stopped.

Moving on from my political discourses, but not too far away from music, I have to tell you about a new CD I just picked up that is utterly phenomenal from one of my favorite bands of all time. The band in question? Demon Hunter. They’re a recent favorite, yes, but I absolutely love their work.

Their new CD is called “Storm the Gates of Hell”. The title alone should tell you volumes about what to expect. There’s a theme that seems to run across this album, the best way I can think of to describe it is “Live what you believe if you claim to believe in and follow God”. This is not a light album, at all. It aims deep, right to the core. It will make you ask questions about your life, and you may feel some serious conviction as a result. Just a warning, you may have to be prepared to deal with that. I encourage it, because it can only lead to freedom and a better life for ya.

Fortuantely, the album is a continuously enjoyable metal experience as well. It’s hard for me to say if this is album is any better than their others, because so far, not a one of them has not been phenomenal in my eyes. If you’re a fan of metal or Demon Hunter, this one won’t disappoint. Go get it. Hell hath no fury, at all.

I know a lot of you haven’t seen my house here in Fort Worth at all, but those who have know about the Coca-Cola themed decorations. Well, this past weekend, we finally finished purging it all. It’s all gone. We’ve gotten some more modern decorations up on the walls, and painted the one wall that had the “old soda shop-style” striping a dark green. It looks really really good, and I’ll get some pictures up here as soon as I can.

Thanksgiving is coming up. Have a good one, and I’ll see ya’ll before then hopefully. Got some updates on my WoW characters I’d like to post some screenshots of, if nothing else, and I want to talk about BioShock as well, since I finally got my hands on it. For now though, I’m out.

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