Schrodinger’s Brandon may or may not be in the box

You know, I read a lot of webcomics. I like them better than print comics. They often have better art, better storylines, or say what you’re always wanting to say but can’t because of editorial censorship. Yeah that’s right, Mr. Erstman, I’m talking to you.

But I think I hit an important milestone today.

xkcd is the first webcomic with more than one comic that I’ve wanted to print out and place on my cubicle wall at work. Actually, I think I could say that about the majority of them.

Geeky humor + romance = win.

In other news, my Christmas shopping is almost done. I only have one more person to buy for, and one more gift to get for my Mom. I like that feeling.

I shall be taking Thursday and Friday of this week off. I really should take more, because that’s one more day where I won’t feel totally useless because nearly everyone else is already off. But alas, two days shall work. Then I have the whole next week off. Yay!

There’s a couple of you folks in Waco that I DO have presents for. You know who you are. If not, here’s a hint. If I’ve been in your wedding recently (def: the past semester), I have something for you. Please call me and let me know if I can visit you at any point in the above mentioned vacation time to give you said presents or if I should wait til after you all come back. Also, I love you guys. Merry Christmas either way.

Attention: Tony Romo. I know this is coming from a fairly fickle football follower (holy CRAP alliteration!!), but seriously man, what the crap happened? Also, I still don’t get what you see in her, and I really hope to God you’re looking beyond the surface.

Mom should be home with our dinner now, so I should depart. That chicken ain’t gonna eat itself.
Or will it?

I shall never know. Hunger, once again, has overriden curiousity.

Night ya’ll!

Edit: Discovered this after I posted the entry, too cute not to show

funny pictures

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