Froliche Weinachten!

That means Merry Christmas in German, in case you were wondering.

Hey all, I know it’s been a whiles, but I’ve been on Christmas holiday since last Thursday, enjoying time off, doing last minute Christmas shopping, and catching up on my movies and reading and gaming.

Tonight we went to one of my cousin’s house for the big family get together. It’s always fun to see everyone again, even if it is only a month later. Thanksgiving is always a big all day affair thing with us, mostly due to the Cowboys game. Christmas Eve is generally more subdued, but we did play a Christmas-themed Bingo game, with the winners picking from a variety of presents on a “prize table”. I was quite happy, I ended up with something I almost always get in my stocking, one of those Lifesavers “Sweet Storybooks” that has a bunch of different rolls in them. Mom couldn’t find one this year, but luckily someone else did, and I got it!

Speaking of Mom, she got me two Star Wars books (“Death Star” and “Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force”), Call of Duty 4: Limited Collector’s Edition(Sweet awesome game!) and two pairs of Jeans (which I needed!). I got her some new curtains for the living room and the new Nicholas Sparks book, the name of which is escaping me at the moment.

Tomorrow is just the immediately family down at Nan’s house. No idea what we’re gonna do, other that have Christmas lunch! Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

I’m usually not one for New Year’s resolutions, especially the typical ones like “Stop smoking” or “lose weight”, but I do have some personal goals that I’d like to have done this year:

1. Be better about updating this thing, especially with reviews about games I’m playing or cool stuff I found.
2. Purchase a domain name for this blog. I’m thinking either or maybe
3. Finish Bioshock before February 1st.
4. Hang out with my friends more often.
5. Actually go swimming at some point this summer. Believe it or not, not one time did I swim at all in 2007’s summer. I kid you not.

So yeah, small stuff really, but it’s what I’d like to do.

Anyway, hope ya’ll are having a Merry Christmas and will have a great New Year. I have no idea what I’m doing for that one either! Love ya’ll

    • The Sojourner
    • January 3rd, 2008

    bmatt, sorry for not updating my Blogger… or really anything. And for not commenting of stuff…. you know, i’m just in general… a pretty bad friend right now LOL, but anyways, this is a comment to sum up several posts….1) YAY!!! GERMAN!2) JACEN IS A SITH??? (I always imagined him being pretty good looking when i read like 2 starwars books with him in it.3) I purchased a SW game with a twilek as the lead character on sunday. I’m 99% done… I just can’t beat the last boss (perhaps I should ship you my DS, Game, and charger for the ds! Warning: VERY ADDICTIVE)4) it’s 2008!!! LETS CELEBRATE!!!5) We definitely should rendezvous with all the waco peeps again at the same time sometime relatively soon. :-D6) I think 5 was my end…. Oh wait… “My plan for securing the borders? Two Words. Chuck. Norris.”

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