Screenshot + Exposition!

Here’s a quick screenshot of how my warlock looks right now.

Pretty sweet eh? Notice how the robe, shoulders, belt, and helm all seem to go together?

Back before the first expansion came out, you could work towards getting “sets” of gear in all the raids. They would have statistics that were optimal for your class, and the more pieces of the set you had, you got bonus stats for them. Each raid had a “set” for every class. The first raid, Molten Core, dropped what was called the “Tier 1” sets, because it was the first raid most guilds worked to complete and get gear from.

The next raid you were supposed to do was called Blackwing Lair, and it dropped the “Tier 2” sets. When these sets were initially released, they had some fairly bad graphics. A few patches later, Blizzard redid the graphic art for them, and they became extremely iconic representations for the their associated classes, so much so, that when Blizzard made the expansion, they brought them back, sort of.

You see, when you’re leveling your character and trying to get optimum gear before you should start raiding, you can find pieces of gear that are graphically almost identical to the items in all the Tier 2 sets, with just different colors.

The Warlock Tier 2 set was called the Nemesis Raiment, and the helm, belt, shoulders, and robe Nihilus wears here are reused graphics of that set, the difference being the Red/Orange/Black coloration. The original Nemesis Raiment was purple and green, you can view the image here for a comparison.

Yeah that may have been too much information for a lot of you, but I thought it was a cool little throwback to the old raids.

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