Surely he can’t LIKE having his readers hate him, right?

I think Marvel Comics’ editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has a secret superpower.

I think he has the power to make people want to STOP reading the comics he works on.

I can’t think of another possible reason for this recent storyline in Amazing Spider-Man in which the past 20 years (in real world time) of Spider-Man’s life has been rewritten and everything we know to have happened to the web-slinger is no longer true. Including his marriage, or even relationship, with Mary Jane Watson.

I mean, I know Quesada has always hated the idea of pairing the two, he’s said as much on repeated occasions, and that the only reason Spidey and MJ ever ended up together is overwhelming fan support for the duo.

But I guess he doesn’t care so much. Because to go along with the recent “relaunch” of the Amazing Spider-Man series, they’ve undone all the character development, all the storylines, everything, that has occured over the past 20 years worth of comics. And in this end result, MJ and Spidey’s relationship is described as “frosty”.

Sort of like how I feel about Quesada’s intelligence at this point.

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