Making your display look however you want.

Okay, this post is gear towards anyone who uses more than 1 monitor for their computer. And if you don’t, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Windows XP will not natively support having a single wallpaper stretch across both monitors, OR having a DIFFERENT wallpaper on each monitor.

Your video card drivers may allow this. My nVidia’s drivers only partially do, they’ll let you use two different backgrounds, but not a single one stretched across both, and they only allow .jpg or .bmp files. A lot of my wallpapers are in .gif or .png format.

If you would LIKE this feature, I highly recommend this app: DisplayFusion. Easy as pie to use. Find a wallpaper (or two) you like, save it to your computer somewhere, and open up this little software. Very intuitive to use, works very well.

Just be sure you put the file where you want it before you set it up. If you move it after setting it as your background, you’ll have to set it again.

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