I hate politics

I’m tired, already, of US politics. Completely and disgustedly tired. And we’re not even midway, or even a 1/4th of the way, through the primaries.

Every year it just gets more divisive, more slimy, and more envenomed. People dig and snipe and sneer at each other over this person’s position, or this person’s lack of political experience, or this person’s disregard/alienation over that part of their voter base. In trying to research the various candidates, this is all I find. Insults of other’s intelligence. Accusations that others are not “true conservatives” because of fiscal reasons or flip flopping with regards to their candidate. (I imagine the same is true on the liberal side, but I haven’t looked).

It’s enough to make a person want to vomit. There are very few greater illustrations of just how badly sin has affected this nation than this mess.

And the worst part of it, is that I fear this is only the beginning. Once the final 2 candidates are nominated, it’s just going to get worse. Because then those who support candidates who have lost will start sitting out and protest.

And once we actually elect someone, then we’re in even bigger trouble. We may start to unify along some semblance of ideological lines, but the rhetoric and insults we sling back and forth will be even more vitriolic.

I long for the day when Jesus comes and we can all truly agree that nothing else matters more than Him, and that nothing else really ever did.

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