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You durn kids get off my virtual lawn!

Howdy folks. How ya’ll been.

Not much new from me. I’ve been training for my new temporary position most of the week. I start on it full time come Monday. Not sure how it all is gonna work out with the guy I’m replacing leaving on Tuesday. It looks like I’m gonna be doing mostly supplier readiness metrics (basically keeping track of various ways we think our suppliers are getting ready for the go-live of our new system) and possibly maintaining the website that they have to go to in order to get information about ordering from Bell, getting various documentation, that sort of thing. I’m supposed to be more trained on the latter of those two starting next week. We’ll see how that’s going later.

On the World of Warcraft front, I actually did something kinda different. On the server named Earthen Ring, there exists a guild which originally started as a fan guild for several of the podcasts I listen to, including Extralife Radio, The Instance, and Buzz Out Loud. When it originally formed, I decided I wanted to be there for it’s inception, so I made a Troll Rogue named Bmatt, and leveled him for a bit. Well, at some point, I decided I didn’t really have the time to dedicate to him, so I deleted that character and kinda watched that guild grow on the sidelines. I read their forums (since I already posted on the Extralife Radio forums, and they’re on the same site), and all, but recently I decided to move my druid over there and play with em. So I did. Grothi now has a new life on Earthen Ring as “Oldmanfranks”. I’ve got him to level 70 and am beginning the arduous process of gearing him up now.

I still check in on Mug’thol and my other two guys now and then, but I haven’t seen almost anyone in my guild (including Akin and David) on in ages. I’m not sure if everyone’s real life just got in the way or if they decided to try something else for a while. With Andy gone into the Army, Mug’thol feels kinda empty at the moment.

Ah well, that’s all I got for now. I do wanna get to Waco next weekend (I know ya’ll got Juarez training this weekend), and hopefully get our first real D&D session going. Hope ya’ll are well. Bmatt is callin this one done.


Hrmmm…been a while hasn’t it.

I think Mom and I are ready to move, finally.

This past weekend, some dumb kids went up and down our street and two neighboring ones and shot out several people’s car windows with a BB gun, including my Mom’s Jeep Liberty.

Initially, when the police came, he had been on the street for ANOTHER call, our neighbor across the street had her windows broken out by her own husband, who later went down the street and busted out her mother’s windows as well. We assumed (fairly I think) that he had probably been responsible as well, but since no one had seen it, we could not really prove it.

Well, the officer called us up later and told us of the arrest of two kids, two very stupid kids, who had done as I described above, and with our statements and those of four others, they planned to charge them with all of the vandalism.

All that is to say, these events are the most recent in a long string of criminal activities that really highlight just how downhill our neighborhood has gone. We’re in the process of actively looking for a new place to live, someplace in Fort Worth in the relatively same area that we are now, or more to the North, closer to where we both work. We could use some prayer in finding a place that’s both in relatively good condition, affordable, and in a decent area, if you’re inclined to do so. And no, we are not going to move to Waco!

In work related news, well, here’s where all that drama stands. Bell is in the process of implementing the SAP system (search for it on Wikipedia if you wanna know more) as part of a “Business Systems Modernization”. Unfortunately, for a wide variety of reasons that I won’t comment about here, the final “Go-Live”, the day we would completely switch over and start using the new system, was delayed by two months.

Rewind to a few weeks back. There is supposed to be a Master Data Team being put together for this new system, the role of which is to basically maintain, update, and report on the data for the Procurement organization. The manager of that team is currently trying to recruit me for this program. My response thus far has been to the effect of “I am interested in learning more about the position” though I have been very careful to make it clear that I will not accept the position until I have enough information to make an informed career choice. I have thus far not been given it. This is the “second promotion” so to speak that many of you are familiar with and have asked me about.

In my current role, though I report to the Director of Procurement for the V-22 Program, my pay comes from the budget of the overall Procurement Organization, not the V-22 Program specifically (which pays my bosses salary). Because of this, the VP of Procurement has the authority to temporarily remove me from the V-22 Program and over to any other project under Procurement’s authority. Due to the delay of our Go-Live date, we lost the budget for a number of contractors who were working for Bell on reporting the project’s progress on various fronts. The Procurement VP has directed several people in his organization to go and work on this until Go-Live. As you might guess, I was one of them.

I begin this new temporary assignment two weeks from yesterday. In that timeframe I have to learn the functions and duties of the gentleman I am replacing and transition my current duties temporarily to my cohort, Jeff.

There are two possible outcomes for this assignment that I can see. Either I return to my current duties for the V-22 Program a couple of weeks after Go-Live occurs, or shortly before or on Go-Live, I begin my new position on the Master Data Team. Currently this is up in the air, pending my acceptance or refusal of the latter position.

Confused yet? You weren’t the only one. It was not made clear to me (due in part to my not asking questions) that this temporary assignment was seperate from the role I would take as the Master Data Team. Needless to say I was not happy to being given assignments for a position I had not accepted AND that did not relate to what I had been told the position would entail. I managed to get a hold of the manager of the Master Data Team who answered my questions and made the distinction more clear to me.

So needless to say, a lot of things are up in the air right now. I don’t know what working for the SAP team in this new reporting function will be like, but I have met the man I’m replacing and the people he works with, and they understand that I will be learning over the next two weeks and may need some help until I am up to speed. What I am more unsure of is what follows this temporary assignment. The Master Data Team does seem like a good stepping point to me in terms of my long term career, but many of my questions about the team have not been answered, and without these answers, I cannot in good conscience make this transition. Every day these questions go unanswered is a day the job appeals to me less and less. I’m simply not sure what will happen next.

Anyway enough of work. Andy Nance is off to the Army. I hope you’ll join me in praying for Him, both for safety and to be used by God. As for me, catch ya’ll next time, I reckon.

Wolverine and The X-Men

Hrmm, another new X-Men cartoon, but this one from a very different perspective. The telepaths (Professor X and Jean Grey) have all vanished, the X-Men disband, and Wolverine has to put the team back together while keeping them on the run from what looks to be a very agressive new round of anti-mutant sanctions.

The animation style looks nearly-exactly like X-Men: Evolution, though the voice cast looks to be completely different, which isn’t bad. No idea if this is supposed to be a follow-on series to X-Men: Evolution, either. I highly doubt it’s the same universe/timeline, though.

I’m really not keen on the idea of hem turning Cyclops all emo/depressed (one the stupidest things X-Men: The Last Stand ever did) or the idea of making Rogue evil. Unfortunately, like many have said, Cyke HAS to be all depressed and unwilling to fight for Wolvie to have any reason to be the leader, and thus the focal point of the show. I suppose we’ll see how it goes. Might be good. Probably would be an excellent DVD to own, especially if they make it an ongoing serial storyline like it appears to be.

On the other hand, the Iron Man movie trailer, which hopefully you saw during the Super Bowl, looks freaking FANTASTIC. Can’t wait for that film.

Ain’t seen it yet? Go here!

Superbowl Aftermath.

I’ll admit I put everything on the Patriots to win it. I didn’t think the Giants stood a chance.

Then Brady’s offensive line went out there, and fell apart like a house of cards in front of the Giants Defense.

Giants deserve every bit of glory they get from this. Every bit.

I really wanted to see the perfect season happen, I’ll admit. But they didn’t go out there and play like they deserved it at all.

Good on you Eli. Good on you.