You durn kids get off my virtual lawn!

Howdy folks. How ya’ll been.

Not much new from me. I’ve been training for my new temporary position most of the week. I start on it full time come Monday. Not sure how it all is gonna work out with the guy I’m replacing leaving on Tuesday. It looks like I’m gonna be doing mostly supplier readiness metrics (basically keeping track of various ways we think our suppliers are getting ready for the go-live of our new system) and possibly maintaining the website that they have to go to in order to get information about ordering from Bell, getting various documentation, that sort of thing. I’m supposed to be more trained on the latter of those two starting next week. We’ll see how that’s going later.

On the World of Warcraft front, I actually did something kinda different. On the server named Earthen Ring, there exists a guild which originally started as a fan guild for several of the podcasts I listen to, including Extralife Radio, The Instance, and Buzz Out Loud. When it originally formed, I decided I wanted to be there for it’s inception, so I made a Troll Rogue named Bmatt, and leveled him for a bit. Well, at some point, I decided I didn’t really have the time to dedicate to him, so I deleted that character and kinda watched that guild grow on the sidelines. I read their forums (since I already posted on the Extralife Radio forums, and they’re on the same site), and all, but recently I decided to move my druid over there and play with em. So I did. Grothi now has a new life on Earthen Ring as “Oldmanfranks”. I’ve got him to level 70 and am beginning the arduous process of gearing him up now.

I still check in on Mug’thol and my other two guys now and then, but I haven’t seen almost anyone in my guild (including Akin and David) on in ages. I’m not sure if everyone’s real life just got in the way or if they decided to try something else for a while. With Andy gone into the Army, Mug’thol feels kinda empty at the moment.

Ah well, that’s all I got for now. I do wanna get to Waco next weekend (I know ya’ll got Juarez training this weekend), and hopefully get our first real D&D session going. Hope ya’ll are well. Bmatt is callin this one done.

    • The Cazacs
    • February 26th, 2008

    To: BrandonFrom: The CazacsConcerning: The desperate need of peeps in North CarolinaBrandon, we miss you.. Your annoying pokes, clever wit, and unsettling laugh. We think these powerful devices would of most use in building the church here. It is for the aformentioned reasons that you are being officially recruited by the unofficial members of the North Carolina church plant team. We hope that you will accept our very dichotomous invitation and move here tomorrow, or Friday. (If you want to come visit you can stay with us, no problem)

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