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People you may know, no freaking JOKE facebook!

So I went ahead and tried Facebook’s new feature “People you may know”. It seems as though it puts a list together of people who have the same friends as you do, cause you may not realize they’re on Facebook.

Well guess who has at the top of the list?

Anne Lanham.

Formerly Anne Winn.

While I suppose I should have seen it coming, it IS rather hilarious!


VIDA!…wait have I used that as a post title already?

Happy Easter folks.

Quick couple of music notes, Pillar’s new album “For the Love of the Game” is actually pretty good. If you were disappointed by Reckoning, and apparently a lot of people were, you’d be happy to know (or at least partially) that Game is a return to the “old” Pillar style, though some of Reckoning’s influence is clear on the album. Me, I didn’t hate Reckoning, but it’s no Fireproof or Where Do We Go From Here, which hold some of my favorite tunes of all time on them. So far Game is shaping up well. Give it a shot if you liked Fireproof.

I first heard of Manic Drive when I saw them with Pillar a couple of years ago in Waco (with fellow lifegroup members Shauna, Raquel, and Cassaundra, plus Shauna’s now-husband Scott and my former ladyfriend). They put on a very entertaining show, so I thought I’d give their first album, Reason For Motion, a new listen. I like the way it starts off a lot, but towards the end it tends to fall into more ballads than pure rock. I’d call it Reckoning syndrome, but I’m pretty sure it actually came out BEFORE The Reckoning. If you’re not up for that, find “Something More” and “Nebulous” on iTunes, at the very least. Both are very good tracks. And try to catch them live at some point.

Another thing, I’m actively trying to seek out new bands to try, and I could use some help in determining where to start. You all have a general idea of my taste: Rock, alternative, metal, possibly hiphop if it’s clean, and in general I prefer glorifying Christ in the lyrical content. No contemporary. I mean that. Jeremy Camp suggestions will be met with pies in the face. Anyone got any ideas? My current list of followed bands doesn’t seem to have anything coming out on the near horizon, so I’m taking the opportunity to expand my own horizons. Any advice would be most useful. Appreciate it.

Again, happy Easter all. I’m out.


Well, this is certainly strange.

When I last updated my iTunes software, I guess I didn’t pay complete attention, because it downloaded and installed Apple’s proprietary web browser, Safari, on my Computer.

Normally this would cause me no small amount of anger, because I hate it when software makers “bundle” products and give me stuff that I didn’t ask for.

It’s like when programs ask you to install the Yahoo toolbar for Internet Explorer, or some other stupid thing.

The worst one I ever saw was an old version of AIM that whenever you downloaded it, it also installed this “AIM Browser” and forced you to use it whenever you clicked a link in an instant message. There was no option to turn it off, or to have AIM use my default browser (which was Firefox at the time). Not only did I immediately uninstall it and rolled back to an older version of AIM, I immediately went on to their website and expressed my dissatisfaction with the practice on their forums and customer feedback areas.

It seems this is a similar case here, I now have Safari installed on my computer, and I didn’t explicitly choose to download and install it. I guess Apple decided to be “helpful”. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT okay with this practice still, but what tempers it in this case is that Safari is actually kind of a neat browser, in a clean minimalist sort of way. I’ve used it in the past, especially on my new iPod Touch, but never on my PC. It’s kinda nifty. Maybe I’ll keep this one around, rather than deleting it on principle. Then again, if I don’t, will that only encourage them to keep up the practice? What’s next, are they going to install iChat with the next iPod firmware update?

Hrmm…what’s a geek with principles to do…

EDIT: Apparently I’m not the only one upset about this…so is the CEO of Mozilla!

Molly Wood agrees. If you’re ever wondering if tech news is bad for you, the consumer, she’s probably the one to ask.

Webcomics, donuts, the Butlers and Juarez. Look, just read it, it’ll make sense, I swear.

Attention, webcomic artists/writers. Please help me out with something.

Stop doing this whole “Linking other webcomics that we think are awesome” in your own sites/blogs.

Because I almost always end up thinking they’re awesome as well, and of course I have to bookmark them and keep up with them! I’m overflowing here!

First Scott Kurtz @ PvP links to Danielle Corsetto’s Girls with Slingshots, which is hilarious in and of itself, but just today, I see an ad in GwS for a Japanese themed romantic comic called Red String by Gina Biggs, which has both awesome art and a really compelling storyline. And the only reason I even got into PvP in the first place was because Kurtz was a guest on Extralife Radio! Of course, I’d heard about PvP long before that, but his ELR appearance, and Lee showing me some gags from a few comics, finally got me to start reading.

So I guess we can trace the root of my problem (if you can call it that) of having a lot of webcomics to read back to Lee.

On a completely serious note, I was at TGI Friday’s tonight, and after a delicious Jack Daniel’s burger, was very much looking forward to those delicious Cinnadunkers they have on the desert menu. They’re little cake donuts tossed in cinnamon sugar and served with icing. SO FREAKING GOOD.

Then the waitress tells me they *JUST* took them off the menu.

Why the CRAP do you restaurants ALWAYS get rid of something I love RIGHT when I happen to be in the mood for it?

They better have taken off that absolutely craptastic “Reeses Peanut Butter Pie” as well, or there is no justice in this world. Ugh, that thing was gross.

Speaking of things I love, guess who just invited me to stay with them for a weekend? Yeah, you probably read the title, so I’m guessing you know. I haven’t seen David and Holland…well since their wedding. I’m excited as…uh…something that’s off-the-charts exciting? I stink at metaphors.

Actually, now that I think about it, that was a simile. Oh well. I’m going to see my best friend and the love of his life. Who needs similes!

Speaking of best friends, my other ones (most of them) are heading to Juarez in the morning. Please be praying for them. I’m super psyched for the team this year, I think it’s gonna be awesome for them.

Okay, that’s it for me, I’m thinking a round of Call of Duty 4 is in the works for the Bmatt. Have a great weekend!

Well, it’s 10pm, Sunday night. I should be in bed right now. But I don’t want this day to end.

I haven’t ever been much of a fan of working for my current company, but I think this may be the first time that I’ve ever truly felt depressed about going in tomorrow. I don’t know why.

Hell, this is probably my own fault for watching Season 2 of Teen Titans just before bed. Seriously, the end of that season is hella depressing. Maybe I should watch Trouble in Tokyo again, at least that ended well.

You know, even as I write this I feel disgusted with myself for letting a freaking job rule my emotions this way. You know what? Forget this. I’m done feeling this way.

I swore to myself I would never be a man who’s life was defined by and revolved around his career. I won’t. I refuse. That kills lives and marriages and friendships. And it WILL NOT be me.
This, this is just another aspect of that. So screw it. I’m going in tomorrow, giving them 8 hours, and going home, happy and content in a good day’s work. Just like every other day. I refuse to be depressed because I don’t enjoy my job all that much. My life is more than that. FAR more!

And you know something? Sometime this week, I’m going to revive something I did a long time ago, but let drift by the wayside.

Stay tuned.

Feel the BURN!

Hey folks!

Had a great weekend in Waco. Got sunburned like crazy though. Happens when you’re outside washing cars for 5 hours straight. But you know what, totally worth it. The car wash plus the garage sale made a ton of money for the team. I believe it was over $2000. No joke. I love seeing God be faithful. Just like I love seeing all those guys down there go live it out.

Hanging out with Chris and Kelley is probably the most fun thing a person can do, by the way. Those two STILL crack me up to this day. You can seriously just chill with em, help em with a household project or carry in some groceries, and you’ll have the greatest time ever. I don’t get it, and I don’t have to. They’re just awesome and that’s all I need to know.

I think work is going better. I don’t know yet. I still am in the process of getting trained and getting access to all of the network resources I need to do the job. Security’s kinda booked up right now with the new system transition a little over a month away. I did have all day training on the internal website’s content management software, seemed easy enough to get the hang of. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, as always.

Oh, and, uh, I finally did it. I got an iPod Touch. If you recall I said I didn’t want an iPhone, too many flaws with the first model. iPod Touch was right up my alley, but I had to wait for them to release a big enough one…well they did this last month. I now have a 32gig iPod Touch. And so far it’s incredible. I mean, I can listen to music, surf the web, watch stuff on youtube, check the weather, check my email, all of it from this little device. Phenomenal. Once I get it all synched and get the chance to play around more with it, I’ll give you a better review, but so far…oh man, greatness!

Okay, back to work on this thing. Catch ya’ll tomorrow.

Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, the very same.

Holy cow.

So, first D&D session was this weekend. I’m the DM. Josh, Julie, Megan, and Justin are the players, all level 4. Goes until 3:30 am.

Bleurgh…so tired, but so much fun.

Basically, after being hailed as heroes for clearing the town mine (their main source of income) from gigantic spiders/scorpions, the lovely town bard pulls our heroes aside and asks them to go investigate a lighthouse to the east of the town. This lighthouse was the last person her love, who is also the leader of the town militia, was known to be heading before his disappearance.

Our heroes arrive there, find the tower full of several fairly nasty undead, and finally find the missing fellow…only to be attacked by him…mostly because he’s been turned into a vampire. After a quick fight, the heroes turn the tide against him, and he escapes by turning into fine mist and dispersing into the night. Smell that? Smells like recurring VILLAIN!

Anyway, everyone said they had a lot of fun, so hopefully that means I did ok.

Anyway, I’m really tired and there’s a garage sale going on outside. I should probably get showered and dressed and be semi-sociable. Catch ya’ll later.