Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, the very same.

Holy cow.

So, first D&D session was this weekend. I’m the DM. Josh, Julie, Megan, and Justin are the players, all level 4. Goes until 3:30 am.

Bleurgh…so tired, but so much fun.

Basically, after being hailed as heroes for clearing the town mine (their main source of income) from gigantic spiders/scorpions, the lovely town bard pulls our heroes aside and asks them to go investigate a lighthouse to the east of the town. This lighthouse was the last person her love, who is also the leader of the town militia, was known to be heading before his disappearance.

Our heroes arrive there, find the tower full of several fairly nasty undead, and finally find the missing fellow…only to be attacked by him…mostly because he’s been turned into a vampire. After a quick fight, the heroes turn the tide against him, and he escapes by turning into fine mist and dispersing into the night. Smell that? Smells like recurring VILLAIN!

Anyway, everyone said they had a lot of fun, so hopefully that means I did ok.

Anyway, I’m really tired and there’s a garage sale going on outside. I should probably get showered and dressed and be semi-sociable. Catch ya’ll later.

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