Feel the BURN!

Hey folks!

Had a great weekend in Waco. Got sunburned like crazy though. Happens when you’re outside washing cars for 5 hours straight. But you know what, totally worth it. The car wash plus the garage sale made a ton of money for the team. I believe it was over $2000. No joke. I love seeing God be faithful. Just like I love seeing all those guys down there go live it out.

Hanging out with Chris and Kelley is probably the most fun thing a person can do, by the way. Those two STILL crack me up to this day. You can seriously just chill with em, help em with a household project or carry in some groceries, and you’ll have the greatest time ever. I don’t get it, and I don’t have to. They’re just awesome and that’s all I need to know.

I think work is going better. I don’t know yet. I still am in the process of getting trained and getting access to all of the network resources I need to do the job. Security’s kinda booked up right now with the new system transition a little over a month away. I did have all day training on the internal website’s content management software, seemed easy enough to get the hang of. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, as always.

Oh, and, uh, I finally did it. I got an iPod Touch. If you recall I said I didn’t want an iPhone, too many flaws with the first model. iPod Touch was right up my alley, but I had to wait for them to release a big enough one…well they did this last month. I now have a 32gig iPod Touch. And so far it’s incredible. I mean, I can listen to music, surf the web, watch stuff on youtube, check the weather, check my email, all of it from this little device. Phenomenal. Once I get it all synched and get the chance to play around more with it, I’ll give you a better review, but so far…oh man, greatness!

Okay, back to work on this thing. Catch ya’ll tomorrow.

    • Justin
    • March 5th, 2008

    Bmatt, Gary Gygax died yesterday morning. And to think most of us just got acquainted with the offspring of his work.

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