Webcomics, donuts, the Butlers and Juarez. Look, just read it, it’ll make sense, I swear.

Attention, webcomic artists/writers. Please help me out with something.

Stop doing this whole “Linking other webcomics that we think are awesome” in your own sites/blogs.

Because I almost always end up thinking they’re awesome as well, and of course I have to bookmark them and keep up with them! I’m overflowing here!

First Scott Kurtz @ PvP links to Danielle Corsetto’s Girls with Slingshots, which is hilarious in and of itself, but just today, I see an ad in GwS for a Japanese themed romantic comic called Red String by Gina Biggs, which has both awesome art and a really compelling storyline. And the only reason I even got into PvP in the first place was because Kurtz was a guest on Extralife Radio! Of course, I’d heard about PvP long before that, but his ELR appearance, and Lee showing me some gags from a few comics, finally got me to start reading.

So I guess we can trace the root of my problem (if you can call it that) of having a lot of webcomics to read back to Lee.

On a completely serious note, I was at TGI Friday’s tonight, and after a delicious Jack Daniel’s burger, was very much looking forward to those delicious Cinnadunkers they have on the desert menu. They’re little cake donuts tossed in cinnamon sugar and served with icing. SO FREAKING GOOD.

Then the waitress tells me they *JUST* took them off the menu.

Why the CRAP do you restaurants ALWAYS get rid of something I love RIGHT when I happen to be in the mood for it?

They better have taken off that absolutely craptastic “Reeses Peanut Butter Pie” as well, or there is no justice in this world. Ugh, that thing was gross.

Speaking of things I love, guess who just invited me to stay with them for a weekend? Yeah, you probably read the title, so I’m guessing you know. I haven’t seen David and Holland…well since their wedding. I’m excited as…uh…something that’s off-the-charts exciting? I stink at metaphors.

Actually, now that I think about it, that was a simile. Oh well. I’m going to see my best friend and the love of his life. Who needs similes!

Speaking of best friends, my other ones (most of them) are heading to Juarez in the morning. Please be praying for them. I’m super psyched for the team this year, I think it’s gonna be awesome for them.

Okay, that’s it for me, I’m thinking a round of Call of Duty 4 is in the works for the Bmatt. Have a great weekend!

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