VIDA!…wait have I used that as a post title already?

Happy Easter folks.

Quick couple of music notes, Pillar’s new album “For the Love of the Game” is actually pretty good. If you were disappointed by Reckoning, and apparently a lot of people were, you’d be happy to know (or at least partially) that Game is a return to the “old” Pillar style, though some of Reckoning’s influence is clear on the album. Me, I didn’t hate Reckoning, but it’s no Fireproof or Where Do We Go From Here, which hold some of my favorite tunes of all time on them. So far Game is shaping up well. Give it a shot if you liked Fireproof.

I first heard of Manic Drive when I saw them with Pillar a couple of years ago in Waco (with fellow lifegroup members Shauna, Raquel, and Cassaundra, plus Shauna’s now-husband Scott and my former ladyfriend). They put on a very entertaining show, so I thought I’d give their first album, Reason For Motion, a new listen. I like the way it starts off a lot, but towards the end it tends to fall into more ballads than pure rock. I’d call it Reckoning syndrome, but I’m pretty sure it actually came out BEFORE The Reckoning. If you’re not up for that, find “Something More” and “Nebulous” on iTunes, at the very least. Both are very good tracks. And try to catch them live at some point.

Another thing, I’m actively trying to seek out new bands to try, and I could use some help in determining where to start. You all have a general idea of my taste: Rock, alternative, metal, possibly hiphop if it’s clean, and in general I prefer glorifying Christ in the lyrical content. No contemporary. I mean that. Jeremy Camp suggestions will be met with pies in the face. Anyone got any ideas? My current list of followed bands doesn’t seem to have anything coming out on the near horizon, so I’m taking the opportunity to expand my own horizons. Any advice would be most useful. Appreciate it.

Again, happy Easter all. I’m out.

    • Josh
    • March 24th, 2008 I know I mentioned it to you before, but it’s a FANTASTIC site for new and upcoming Christan rock groups.Talk to you later!!!You need to come back to Waco soon!!

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