A real American hero!!

Hey again folks.

Kat’s wedding was this past weekend. She’s now Mrs. Kathryn Morgan. I vote we all call her Cap’n Morgan now. Wedding venue had an absolute GORGEOUS view of the lake. However, there were a lot of steps leading up and down to the gazebo, I think a lot of folks had trouble with those. Actually, given that i was an usher, I know they did. But if that’s the worst possible thing that you have at your wedding, you probably had a really good one, right?

Some of you may not have heard this, but they’re making a GI Joe movie. A live action one. They haven’t released much in the way of details yet, aside from some cast photography that’s leaked out on the Internet. Which I’ll conveniently link for you right here. I’ll admit, I have some reservations upon seeing these photos, but that’s because I’m a complete GI Joe freak from my younger days, even moreso than for Transformers. So I’ll definitely be more opinionated on this one the more details we get.

Starting off, most of the cast looks like solid choices, especially Dennis Quaid as General Hawk. The only one I’m not sure of is the actress playing the Baroness. She’s way way too young for the role. Baroness is supposed to be a classic beauty, well into her adult years, but still gorgeous, and very evil (complete with eastern European accent!). I don’t think this lady really LOOKS like Baroness to me. And if she can’t do the accent, she’s gotta be replaced.

Now, the uniforms. Supposedly these are some kind of advanced battle suits with high tech features such as cloaking fields and the like. Frankly, they don’t look horrible, but I’m not sure if I like them all that much. I’m just wondering why not put them in their classic uniforms that everyone would recognize, especially Scarlett and Duke. Snake Eyes uniform looks almost dead-on with his old toy/comic appearances (plus he’s being played by Ray Park, aka Darth Maul, so you can’t go wrong with that), i’m just wishing they’d gotten closer with the others as well. Storm Shadow…he appears to be wearing something of a cross between a white business suit and a white ninja outfit. It’s very strange, but I wouldn’t call it bad at this point.

I’m still eager to see what Cobra Commander and Destro look like. Hopefully, very faithful to the originals, which is Blue Hood, and Steel-coated head, respectively. And are we going to get any of the classic G.I. Joe vehicles? We’d better. If I see a Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank live on the big screen, I just might explode from geeking out.

Now, about my iPod Touch. This little bugger is extremely cool. Most of you have no doubt seen them by now, so I’ll refrain from going over all the features it has. Instead I’ll just quickly list off some good and bad things in my personal experience.

1. I don’t know WHY it’s doing this, but Apple really needs to fix this bug. Basically, my organization of songs in iTunes is not directly matching with what is in the iPod. For example, in iTunes, I have no problems organizing Five Iron Frenzy’s “The End is Near” album. When I move over to Cover Flow, it shows the cover ONCE and lists all the tracks underneath it. However, in my iPod, it splits the two, and shows the album TWICE, with half the songs in each. I don’t get it, but it’s very annoying.

2. The on-screen touch keyboard is VERY very accurate for a touchscreen. I rarely hit a letter that I didn’t mean to. I more often select the wrong artist or track when scrolling through my music, strangely enough.

3. Maybe this is just me, but I wish that when you were searching for videos on YouTube, you could turn the device on it’s side so you can see the whole video title. This seems to be the only place that this doesn’t work, and a lot of times you’re forced to guess at what the title is. If nothing else, it should scroll back and for for video titles. Actually I’d like this for podcasts as well in the music player. Both tend to have longer titles.

4. Timing and volume sliders need to be a lot bigger, or more sensitive in their “catching” of where your finger is. It’s very hard to skip to a certain area in the track, or to precisely adjust the volume, without “jumping” due to your finger not going to just the right area to “hold” it for dragging. Actually, I’d even recommend a touchscreen version of the clickwheel from the other iPod models for this purpose, that you could activate with a couple of quick finger taps. That’d work MUCH better, given that it feels familiar to previous iPod owners already.

5. I LOVE that the headphone jack isn’t recessed like it is on the iPhone. That was a horrible problem, and I’m glad it’s not one I have to face.

As a media player, it works absolutely great, and I’m very happy with it overalll.

I’ve also gotten a few new Trade paperbacks recently, the best of which has been Batman: Hush. What initially drew me to this book what that the art is done by one of my all-time favorite pencilers, Jim Lee. The work he does in here is classic representation of his style, and it’s absolutely phenomenal. The plot by Jeph Loeb really hooks you in, and lets you explore Batman trying to deal with extending trust to people, especially in the arena of romantic love, all while bringing in a host of classic Batman villians (and one very new one) in a twisting scheme and a very suprise ending. I like this book a lot, and I recommend you pick up both volumes.

Aight, I’m way overdue for bed. Ya’ll take care.

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