Your Monday Stupid

Wow, apparently, some people just have absolutely nothing better to do but be Internet Trolls.

I come home today and check my email and find out I have two new comments on two different entries, one from someone named “Cammy” and one from someone else named “Fry”.

Both of these people commented on rather old entries, Cammy’s being from January of this year, and Fry one from November of last year. Okay, so not old, but not certainly something recent.

Both of them decided to take me to task for linking to conservative news sources, Michelle Malkin’s blog (which I read sporadically) and WorldNetDaily (which I don’t even really read anymore, given that every other “story” is an advertisement.), and called me such lovely terms as “hypocrite’.

Seriously, do you two not have anything better to do but find blogs or other websites linking to other websites you hate and wag your little fingers at them?

Well, your rather hate-filled comments do not deserve the server space they take up, so guess what? Gone.

I do have to thank you though, Fry. WorldNetDaily is going to get taken off my links, due to their overuse of advertisements passing themselves off as news stories. The content I can get from other, less annoying sites. I know that probably won’t matter to you, you just think you’re getting a victory by getting a link removed because you probably have a seething hatred for conservatives. It’s kind of funny and sad at the same time, but don’t worry. You and Miss Cammy can both keep hating me for linking to Michelle Malkin if you want. At least until her site becomes an annoying ad infestation, which I don’t forsee. Don’t forget that the Drudge Report and Fox News are both over there as well! Gasp and Horror!

Okay, I’m done. See ya.

    • BMatt
    • April 29th, 2008

    Well, well, well, Fry, thanks for revealing where you came from. I would like to remind you of 2 things.1. This is my personal blog. You do not have freedom of speech here. This is not a democracy.2. You’re the one who decided to comment on a months-old entry just to call me a hypocrite.So do me a favor and scram, will you? In case you haven’t noticed, WND is off my links page anyway. So take your little in-your-mind-only victory and go troll somewhere else, k?

    • The Sojourner
    • April 30th, 2008

    um, so BMatt… you listened to a chick band two days ago. are you aware of this? Is BG becoming a fav despite your dislike of girlpower music? PS you should listen to bowling ball by superchick. I know they ain’t you’re cup of tea, but the song is rather humorous… at least to me :-DLove ya! Miss ya! you know the rest!

    • Fry
    • April 30th, 2008

    I’m not trying to “win” anything. I’m trying to get you to address the issue. Of course I don’t know why I waste my time. If this is how you act on your own site I can just imagine what kind of a person you might be. That’s not the kind of person it’s even worth having an argument with.

    • suep
    • April 30th, 2008

    If this is how you act on someone else’s site, i can only imagine what kind of person you might be. As i recall, everyone is entitled to their own opinions — you to yours, bmatt to his. And as i recall, BMatt asked you to bug off, so please do. No one likes a bully, and i’m sorry, but that’s what you have become, fry. Sorry to burst your bubble.Oh, and might I also add, that of all the guys I know… TheBMatt ranks in the top 10 for the sweetest guys ever. So, you might be wrong on your judgments fry. Take a hike, and leave him alone.

    • Albert
    • April 30th, 2008

    Welcome to the internet. 😉

    • BMatt
    • April 30th, 2008

    Hey Fry, you want to address the issue? The issue is you trolling on a 4 month old blog entry because I linked to a site you hate. I’ve dealt with the issue by laughing about it. There’s nothing to discuss with trolls. I’ll leave this comment of yours up because my friend has replied to it. But anything else from you is gone. I don’t care if you think that I’m a hypocrite, a coward, or whatever other bile you’ve got, because your opinion is irrelevant to me. Please go away now. And don’t bother me on the ELR forums either. I don’t know who you are over there, and I don’t care either.

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