2008 Nerdtacular Report!

Oh mah Gawd, Nerdtacular was friggin’ COOL!

So I arrive Friday night in Salt Lake City, Utah, after my first flight ever, by the way. I get a shuttle ride to the hotel, and meet Jeff (aka Bronco from the myextralife.com forums) and we hit up Ruby Tuesday for lunch. Friggin’ tasty. Jeff, by the way, is a friggin’ HOSS. This dude rode his motorcycle from Toronto all the way out to Salt Lake City. Seriously.

That’s Jeff. This was taken from Saturday morning in the actual Theatre

So anyway, after that, Josh and Reggie show up. These guys, I know pretty well from our World of Warcraft guild. They’re good dudes, for the most part. They roadtripped it from Colorado in Josh’s Prius (wooo fellow Prius owner!) and were a ball to hang out with.

Josh is the one kinda on the side, and Reggie front and center.

We all hung out and waited for the last member of the Out of town brigade, Samantha Jane. SJ has been around the Extralife community forever, and everyone loves her, cause she’s an awesome girl. Well lo and behold, the whole crew was keepin’ a secret from me. Arriving with SJ in his rental car was none other than cohost of the Instance podcast and my fellow Texan, Austin’s own Randy Jordan, aka Randy Deluxe!

I totally didn’t know he was coming, apparently everyone else did though.

Anyways, so friday night we all go out to the Red Rock Brewery for some good food and for some people, some good beer. After that, Scott himself (along with his awesome wife, Kim) met us at the hotel to actually meet Randy face-to-face for the first time, as well as the rest of us. But Randy and Scott have cohosted the Instance for a long time together, and it was pretty cool to see them meet for the first time. We all had a blast hangin’ out in Randy’s room, catching up, hearing what was gonna go down at the Nerdtacular itself, and just getting to know each other.

So Saturday morning rolls around, and the Nerdtacular proper happens. I could tell you what all happened there, but this video covers it all so much better. Watch and enjoy the festivities

Suffice to say, we had a phenomenal time and The Dark Knight is seriously one of the best films in modern movie history. Even if you’re NOT a comic book fan, you WILL enjoy this movie, I promise. It’s that good.

After the movie ended, we headed out to a nearby park, where Scott had aranged for catering to feed us all. Got to meet a bunch more cool people from the Extralife forums, eat some good chicken, pet a few puppies, and cake. Yes there was CAKE. The lady who made the cakes, Rachel I think was her name, is really good. I’ll have some photos linked later on, but her cakes were awesome looking. I felt bad eating them. But not that bad. Mmmm.

After that, the Nerdtacular is technically over for most. But not for the out of town folks! Oh no, not at all. For us, Scott did something extra which was INCREDIBLY cool.

He invited us into his home. Kim fed us Jambalaya. And Pie. And Scott and Randy did a live episode of the Instance podcast from his backyard, with the rest of us as his studio audience! Too freaking awesome. You can download that particular episode here….or you can watch this awesome video of the whole thing!

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

What happens typically is that Scott records the podcast from his office, and Randy joins him over Skype from Austin. Scott also usually broadcasts the recording over Ustream.tv, which you can go to and watch it live, as well as chat with other people watching it live. Scott just happened to record the broadcast as well.

Now typically, after the show’s over, Scott cuts the feed, goes and edits the show. But this time, he decided to continue broadcasting as we go in to eat the delicious pie. So the laptop gets set on the counter in his kitchen…and myself and Samantha Jane decide we’re gonna talk to the people in the chat room, with other people joining us when they feel like it! We did this for about 25 minutes, and it all got captured in the below video.

Near the beginning the video does freeze for a bit, but the audio will keep going. Don’t panic, that’s just ustream lagging, nothing you can do. It will right itself in a few minutes. Also, the audio does clip pretty bad sometimes, but it’s mostly pretty good. Enjoy!

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

You can click here to view all the photos I assembled on Facebook. This post on www.myextralife.com also has links to a BUNCH more photos and stuff from the event. Go there and enjoy the madness.

All in all, it was truly a great experience, and I’m definitely going to do it again next year if I can. I’ll be adding more photos to Facebook as more people make theirs available to me (including Samantha Jane and Randy) so keep an eye out there.

Love ya’ll and see ya soon

    • The Sojourner
    • July 22nd, 2008

    Dear BMatt, you are crazy, and loveable, and all that good stuff… along with a nerd. I’m glad you enjoyed you’re nerd fest! Be blessed , Friend!!!

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