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Mom’s surgery

Hey guys. As many of you doubtless know, my mother had elective cosmetic surgery on Monday. It was to remove a large amount of excess skin she had on her midsection and the underside of her upper arms. She’s lost a LOT of weight over the past few years, and that was a remnant of it. She wanted for so long to get it removed, and she was finally able to make it happen.

They were actually supposed to do it a month ago, but her doctor delayed it because her Blood pressure before the operation was too high. She got back on medication for it, got it down to normal, so they did the procedure this week.

It was a pretty long procedure, and eventually, after she recovered, they got her in a room. Initially, her doctor thought she had a blood vessel that was still open after they closed her up the first time. So they reopened a small part of her incision and checked the area, but it looked like the vessel had clotted, so they closed her.

Her doctor checked on her later, and noticed that there was a lot of bright red blood in one of the drains they left attached to her. She was still bleeding somewhere internally. They took her back to surgery, opened her up, found the vessel was not clotted after all, and sutured it up. She lost quite a bit of blood as you can imagine, but it wasn’t a serious amount. They put her in ICU as a precaution, in essense to have a closer eye on her and to be able to get more blood in her if they needed to quickly.

She’s been in there since. Her doctor is basically taking all the steps needed to move her forward on recovery very slowly, just to make sure she doesn’t start bleeding again. When I left her today, she’d been given a unit of blood but it looked like to all appearances that she was doing better. He still didn’t move her out of ICU or see if she could walk around yet. He was supposed to come see her that evening, but when I went home, he still hadn’t come. I don’t know if she got moved back up to her room yet.

We’re still hopeful that she’ll get to come home tomorrow, but it’s looking less and less likely. Thursday is probably the day she comes home, if all continues to go well, and we need your prayers that this is what happens.

All right, I need to go to bed finally. I’ll catch ya’ll later.


The story isn’t over, and yet we’ll never know it.

I want more Harry Potter.

I’m serious. I want another story from the Harry Potter universe. And J.K. Rowling has only herself to blame for this.

While I did enjoy the ending of the seventh book, I will admit I was highly disappointed in the literary device she used. The book ends very suddenly after the final battle, and then we see a sudden shift to “Nineteen years later” with all the main characters married and sending their own children off to Hogwarts. Essentially, we’re left with a massive amount of time from the immediate aftermath of the fateful day of Voldemort’s death to that point all to our imaginations. And of course, since Rowling drew that to our attention by adding in the epilogue itself, we are completely forced to wonder about what all happened in there.

And frankly, for me, that’s not enough. I mean, what in the world does Harry DO in the days after he more or less saves the whole freaking wizarding world? What about the other characters? Do they even go back to Hogwarts for their final year, which less we forget, they completely skipped out on? (Not that the students who didn’t leave actually got any kind of a real education in their final year anyway…)

Here’s another major point for me that in my opinion, Rowling failed utterly in: the final relationships of the major characters. Oh sure, we saw them with their first experiences at it and how well those went, and eventually we see them admit their true feelings for each other, but then we get swept right back in to the final conflict and don’t really pick those back up. Okay, yeah, we all know Harry never stopped truly caring for Ginny. Yeah, we all know Ron and Hermione are meant for each other. But we never really see that grow beyond the initial point, especially not for Ron and Hermione, and then, BOOM! Oh look, it’s nineteen years later. They’re all married and have kids now. Hey look, their kids are kinda like them when they were that age, isn’t that nifty? BOOK ENDS!

Ugh. Fail. Big huge whopping fail on that whole subplot as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not suggesting she should have added more chapters to the book, by any means. Deathly Hallows is rather long as it is, and that’s probably the reason for the sudden ending and “many-years-later”-style epilogue. But it’s an extremely unsatisfying way to end the series. Rowling, I’m telling you, you need to do one more book. Cover one last year, starting the day after Voldemort bites it. Show us how Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione, truly fall so deeply in love. Show us the start of Harry and Ron’s Auror careers. Show us the new Wizarding world, under Kingsley Shacklebolt’s leadership. Show us how Hogwarts rebuilds and lives on under McGonagall. How everyone who lives copes not only with the tragedy of those who died, but also the thrill of not being in mortal fear for their lives, for the first time in years. If you need a conflict, pit Harry and everyone against some mysterious figure trying to unite the remnants of the Death Eaters. It’s easily done. And it’s a story that we need to read. A “proper” ending, so to speak, rather than the extremely rushed ending that Deathly Hallows gave us.

I’m begging you, Rowling. I really want to know how this story REALLY ends.

One step closer.

Oh wow, 17 days without blogging. What the frak is wrong with me??

I have been twittering like a crazy man though…just click the twitter link over there to the right (or if you’re reading this from Facebook, it’s in the boxes tab of my profile, well that is if you’re on the NEW facebook. If you’re on the old facebook, it’s somewhere on my profile…). You might find some pretty interesting reads there.

I’ll make this one quick: I got a call from someone at the VA, she had noticed a typo in my application for working there. Basically, I was one number off when I listed the job announcement number on the application, and it didn’t match the job pay grade I was going for, it was one level higher. She called to confirm that it was a typo, because they didn’t think I would be qualified for the higher grade job yet, but the lower grade I definitely looked qualified for (it’s mostly due to lack of real work IT experience).

Obviously you guys can guess what this means, it looks like they might just be moving forward with me for this position. I’m so incredibly stoked about that, you all have no idea. Actually, you might have an idea. Prayer, please! Lots of it!

I’m going to head to bed now…two more days for this week. Night all.

Mass update!

Hey guys. Wow, it’s been way too long since I blogged last. I’m a slacker.

So, here’s the triple skinny. First up, for those wondering how our music project from last month is going, It’s getting closer and closer to being done. According to David he’s got 2 more songs to mix, then he probably has to take care of the album artwork and then start mass-producing. So we’re not far off at all.

By the way, if you’re wanting to hear what our FIRST project, This is Love, sounds like, there’s a rumor goin’ around that you’re going to be able to get BOTH projects bundled together as well! I can’t say that for certain, but keep an eye open for more news on that.

But, I do have something for you. If you’ll head over to Facebook, you can find that David’s uploaded about 60 pictures from the event on there. You should be able to scroll through my wall and find the starting point. I’m not sure if you can view the full album if you aren’t David’s friend, let me know if that’s the case and I’ll rehost them in my profile. The pictures turned out really good, and I think you’ll enjoy them.

So…I have an iPhone now. Yeah. My contract was up for renewal this past month, so I was eligible for the cheaper prices. I didn’t want to just keep my old phone (had a few too many problems with reception on it) so I decided to upgrade. This thing really is phenomenal. I’m sure you’re all aware of what the thing can do, but let me mention a few things I’ve noticed personally just playing with it this weekend.

1. The camera on this thing is a LOT better quality than I expected. Maybe it’s just because I was used to my old phone’s camera (which wasn’t terribly good) but I’m shocked how clear the pictures on it have come out.

2. The GPS doesn’t do turn by turn directions (although that IS forthcoming from what I hear) but it does locate you and map you to your destination very well.

3. The SMS-as-a-sort-of-chat-window interface, and Visual Voice Mail, are very cool features for keeping track of the coversations you’ve had. And I love that I don’t have to go through AT&T’s stupid menu system just to change my Voicemail greeting.

4. The Internet. Wherever (well, almost) I want. And not filtered by some stupid corporation. BRILLIANT.

5. The reception, at least in the house, has thus far been AWESOME.

So, yeah, I like it. It doesn’t quite have the storage capacity the iPod Touch I have does, but I can work within that easily.

Speaking of which…I do have a perfectly working iPod Touch that I do want to sell now. I also have an older (but still working very well) 5th Gen iPod to sell as well (the 5th gen, if you recall, was the first iPod model that did video). So if you’re interested in purchasing either of them, let me know, we can talk about price then. If no one is interested, I’ll probably just put them on eBay. You’ll be getting the actual player, headphones, the USB cable, and a case with either purchase, by the way.

It is FREAKING HOT in this house. Our cheap-ass landlords stuck us with an undersized air conditioner a few years back that does NOT adequately cool this house down during the hot months, and ESPECIALLY not this month. It’s been record highs all week, and this weekend was the worst. I really pray it gets cooler soon, because I’m not sure how much more of sweating during the afternoon I can take…blech.

Okay, last minor tidbits:

1. My shaman alt is FINALLY level 40. Which means he can wield a weapon in each hand, wear mail armor, and…well, that’s it. But still, it’s a big deal. Being able to Dual-wield means he hits at a much faster rate, and can pound through enemies a lot quicker. And the mail armor I had been saving up for him looks sweeeeet!

2. If you STILL have not seen the Dark Knight, you need to remedy that. Like…now. In fact, if I come down to Waco this weekend (which is looking more and more likely) I will happily take anyone who wants to see it one random night, on me. It’s totally worth it. And once that’s done, if you’re an anime fan, you should give the DVD animated film Batman: Gotham Knight a try. It’s basically a series of 6 animation shorts that form a cohesive storyline with each done by a seperate animation team. They’re all very different, but still very cool. And the special edition DvD comes with 4 episodes from the old Bruce Timm Batman animated series that was on when we were all younger. I loved that series. Oh, and a double-awesome point: they have the same voice actor doing the voice of Batman in Gotham Knight as well. AWESOMENESS


Okay, I have to go now and find someplace cooler in this house. My room, for some reason, is hotter than the rest of the house. I don’t know why. Later guys!!