One step closer.

Oh wow, 17 days without blogging. What the frak is wrong with me??

I have been twittering like a crazy man though…just click the twitter link over there to the right (or if you’re reading this from Facebook, it’s in the boxes tab of my profile, well that is if you’re on the NEW facebook. If you’re on the old facebook, it’s somewhere on my profile…). You might find some pretty interesting reads there.

I’ll make this one quick: I got a call from someone at the VA, she had noticed a typo in my application for working there. Basically, I was one number off when I listed the job announcement number on the application, and it didn’t match the job pay grade I was going for, it was one level higher. She called to confirm that it was a typo, because they didn’t think I would be qualified for the higher grade job yet, but the lower grade I definitely looked qualified for (it’s mostly due to lack of real work IT experience).

Obviously you guys can guess what this means, it looks like they might just be moving forward with me for this position. I’m so incredibly stoked about that, you all have no idea. Actually, you might have an idea. Prayer, please! Lots of it!

I’m going to head to bed now…two more days for this week. Night all.

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