The story isn’t over, and yet we’ll never know it.

I want more Harry Potter.

I’m serious. I want another story from the Harry Potter universe. And J.K. Rowling has only herself to blame for this.

While I did enjoy the ending of the seventh book, I will admit I was highly disappointed in the literary device she used. The book ends very suddenly after the final battle, and then we see a sudden shift to “Nineteen years later” with all the main characters married and sending their own children off to Hogwarts. Essentially, we’re left with a massive amount of time from the immediate aftermath of the fateful day of Voldemort’s death to that point all to our imaginations. And of course, since Rowling drew that to our attention by adding in the epilogue itself, we are completely forced to wonder about what all happened in there.

And frankly, for me, that’s not enough. I mean, what in the world does Harry DO in the days after he more or less saves the whole freaking wizarding world? What about the other characters? Do they even go back to Hogwarts for their final year, which less we forget, they completely skipped out on? (Not that the students who didn’t leave actually got any kind of a real education in their final year anyway…)

Here’s another major point for me that in my opinion, Rowling failed utterly in: the final relationships of the major characters. Oh sure, we saw them with their first experiences at it and how well those went, and eventually we see them admit their true feelings for each other, but then we get swept right back in to the final conflict and don’t really pick those back up. Okay, yeah, we all know Harry never stopped truly caring for Ginny. Yeah, we all know Ron and Hermione are meant for each other. But we never really see that grow beyond the initial point, especially not for Ron and Hermione, and then, BOOM! Oh look, it’s nineteen years later. They’re all married and have kids now. Hey look, their kids are kinda like them when they were that age, isn’t that nifty? BOOK ENDS!

Ugh. Fail. Big huge whopping fail on that whole subplot as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not suggesting she should have added more chapters to the book, by any means. Deathly Hallows is rather long as it is, and that’s probably the reason for the sudden ending and “many-years-later”-style epilogue. But it’s an extremely unsatisfying way to end the series. Rowling, I’m telling you, you need to do one more book. Cover one last year, starting the day after Voldemort bites it. Show us how Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione, truly fall so deeply in love. Show us the start of Harry and Ron’s Auror careers. Show us the new Wizarding world, under Kingsley Shacklebolt’s leadership. Show us how Hogwarts rebuilds and lives on under McGonagall. How everyone who lives copes not only with the tragedy of those who died, but also the thrill of not being in mortal fear for their lives, for the first time in years. If you need a conflict, pit Harry and everyone against some mysterious figure trying to unite the remnants of the Death Eaters. It’s easily done. And it’s a story that we need to read. A “proper” ending, so to speak, rather than the extremely rushed ending that Deathly Hallows gave us.

I’m begging you, Rowling. I really want to know how this story REALLY ends.

    • Josh
    • August 25th, 2008

    You know, I’ve read that in many of her interviews, she goes into extreme detail as to what happens in the 19 year gap. Have you thought about looking those up? Talk to you later!!

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