Mom’s surgery

Hey guys. As many of you doubtless know, my mother had elective cosmetic surgery on Monday. It was to remove a large amount of excess skin she had on her midsection and the underside of her upper arms. She’s lost a LOT of weight over the past few years, and that was a remnant of it. She wanted for so long to get it removed, and she was finally able to make it happen.

They were actually supposed to do it a month ago, but her doctor delayed it because her Blood pressure before the operation was too high. She got back on medication for it, got it down to normal, so they did the procedure this week.

It was a pretty long procedure, and eventually, after she recovered, they got her in a room. Initially, her doctor thought she had a blood vessel that was still open after they closed her up the first time. So they reopened a small part of her incision and checked the area, but it looked like the vessel had clotted, so they closed her.

Her doctor checked on her later, and noticed that there was a lot of bright red blood in one of the drains they left attached to her. She was still bleeding somewhere internally. They took her back to surgery, opened her up, found the vessel was not clotted after all, and sutured it up. She lost quite a bit of blood as you can imagine, but it wasn’t a serious amount. They put her in ICU as a precaution, in essense to have a closer eye on her and to be able to get more blood in her if they needed to quickly.

She’s been in there since. Her doctor is basically taking all the steps needed to move her forward on recovery very slowly, just to make sure she doesn’t start bleeding again. When I left her today, she’d been given a unit of blood but it looked like to all appearances that she was doing better. He still didn’t move her out of ICU or see if she could walk around yet. He was supposed to come see her that evening, but when I went home, he still hadn’t come. I don’t know if she got moved back up to her room yet.

We’re still hopeful that she’ll get to come home tomorrow, but it’s looking less and less likely. Thursday is probably the day she comes home, if all continues to go well, and we need your prayers that this is what happens.

All right, I need to go to bed finally. I’ll catch ya’ll later.

    • Mom
    • September 5th, 2008

    You should tell people I am home and doing great. Saw Doctor today and said I could go back to work on Monday. THANKS for all your prayers everyone.

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