Home again home again Jiggity Jog.

A few updates, which you might have been seeing already if you’ve been following me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/thebmatt I’ve been using this particular service like a madman recently. It’s been a lot more convenient to use it now that I have an iPhone and can reasonably access it and view it from anywhere.

Mom finally got to come home from the hospital a week ago this past Friday. The doctor finally felt like she was in a good enough state that he was sure she wouldn’t have any problems at home. She had planned to take two weeks off to recover, so she’s been at home all this past week trying to do just that. Her arms still have bandages on them, but she’s expected to get those off come Tuesday. So it looks like it was a resounding success and the worst of it is over. Praise God for that. Mom’s been through far too much in this entire saga of trying to get her health back into shape, and now the final piece of all of that is gone, the excess skin. I’m so happy for her, I almost can’t put it into words.

To all of my friends in Waco: I love you all and miss you dearly. I think Mom will be in good enough shape after this past week that she’ll be fine if I come down to Waco and see you all again, assuming you’re all okay with that, especially Justin, since he has thus far been kind enough to allow me to stay in his room. I should have a sweet awesome dungeoun crawl ready for my D&D players as well. Be prepared! Some of this stuff is gonna be downright freaky. Mwahahaha.

I got my troll shaman up to level 58 last night. That means he’s a high enough level to explore the game’s content that was added in the first expansion pack, which was designed to be a lot more enjoyable and a lot more rewarding that the content in the original game, in my opinion.

All right, just wanted to update everyone on that. Later.

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