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I hate election season because it brings out the stupid.

No I did not watch the VP debate. For that matter, no I did not watch the Presidential debate. You know why?

Because it doesn’t matter anymore. At least not where I’m sitting. Every freaking person I know has LONG ago made their choice, and nearly everyone is far too cynical about the other side to ever truly believe anything they say.

I am sick and tired of talking about it, sick and tired of the sneers and smugness from both sides, and extremely tired of the fact that everyone who is a far extremist on either side is suddenly much louder and harder to ignore. Side effect of the Internet, I suppose.

I’m tired of the constant arrogance of the vocal left about how stupid and provincial the right supposedly is, especially in regards to Sarah Palin. I’m equally tired of the vocal right labeling Barack Obama everything from a radical Muslim terrorist to the Antichrist. I’m tired of liberals telling me I’m an idiot for voting with my morals in mind. I’m equally tired of the conservatives telling me that gays are an abomination and don’t deserve the same benefits any straight US citizen can get.

One more month of this crap, then we can elect SOMEBODY. There’ll be a frenzy for a while from whatever side loses, then things will settle down with the losing side taking potshots at the president and blaming anything that goes wrong on him. But at least it’ll quiet down a bunch.

I hate to be the one to tell you all this, but neither side is completely perfect. The truth is that the real best thing for the country is once again, somewhere in the middle between both of your extremes. And you know something? I’d wager both sides know that and are gonna do their darndest to run the country somewhere in that middle. About the only thing most of us will be able to object to is that it’s not close enough to what part of the middle we think it should be in. The rest of you crazy extremists can go mess yourselves, because frankly, you’re the ones creating such a disgusting atmosphere.

Despite what a lot of you might really think, I highly doubt either John McCain OR Barack Obama want to run this country into the dirt, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that one way or another , they’ve got the tools at their disposal to mostly do a good job of that. There will be things that some of us won’t like, and some of those things may be tough to get through. But you know what? I really think we’ll manage, somehow.

The only ideology I aspire to is following God’s will. Period. And neither the far left nor the far right extremism ideology is acceptable in His eyes, because it’s full of hatred.

So who will I vote for? I’m not certain yet. I know the far left is already lining up their arrogant mockeries about “voting for GOD” and then proceed to yell at me that God doesn’t exist or something equally retarded, just like the right is doubtless ready to “remind” me that Democrats support abortion and gay marriage and Obama’s pastor is nuts and these things are ANATHEMA TO GOD, how can you not choose MCCAIN! This is why I don’t want to talk about it, because if I choose ANYONE, no matter what my reasoning is, it will just get overwhelmed in your minds by this nonsense, and then you’ll have to say it, of course.

Shut up. Just. Shut. Up. I am so tired of hearing this insanity. I am so tired of this idiotic ideological split and how we spew vile hatred-filled barbs at each other. I’m done. I officially refuse to participate in any more of this worthless crap until ALL of you come together in a spirit of reason, understanding, cooperation, and compromise.

Have you people forgotten that we’re all Americans here? More importantly, did you forget that we’re all human-frakking-BEINGS? What in God’s name is the freaking POINT of all this idiotic hatred for each other???