I know, I’m long overdue for this, but I doubt anyone will be surprised by the information I’m about to type. Most of you who read this were either with me the day it happened, or were informed shortly thereafter. Still, as this IS my blog, and as I am yet again LONG overdue for an update to it, I feel compelled to put something down.

Almost exactly one week ago (about an hour later, I suppose), I asked a lovely young woman whom I’d up to that point been very happy to call a friend to become more than just that. And she responded in the positive. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, she agreed to become my girlfriend.

The lady in question is named Megan Thomas. And she is about as rare and exceptional as I’ve ever met.

She’s smart and posessed of a sharp wit. She loves to read sci-fi and is a big fan of anime. She knows the values in both being alone and of friendship and community. And holy COW is she gorgeous.

But most of all, she has the quiet strength that comes from knowing Jesus on a personal and intimate level. And you can just SEE it by talking with her, interacting with her, or just being around her.

There’s probably many other things I could list here, and about a bajillion more I’m sure I’ll come to learn about as this relationship progresses. But all these factors make up a truely unique individual whom I’m very very happy to call my friend and extremely ecstatic to call my girlfriend.

Like I said, our relationship is very young, and somewhat complicated by the fact that we live an hour and a half apart. If you love either or both of us, I would greatly appreciate your prayers, and I know she would as well. Thank you.

    • The Sojourner
    • November 19th, 2008

    I ❤ megan 🙂

    • Anonymous
    • March 9th, 2009

    I’m out of it. Who knew!! You’re awsome Bmatt–Lindsey C

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