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2009 Predictions. Lets see how well I do.

These are my predictions for things that will happen in 2009. They cover technology, gaming, personal friend stuff, the whole gambit. Here goes….

1. The digital TV transition will be mostly hitch-free.
For those of you who don’t know, Feb 1st, all TV over-the-air broadcasts are going digital. This ONLY affects you if you get your TV via the antenna. If you have cable/satellite/whatever, you’re fine. If not, you need to buy a digital converter box if your TV does not have one built in. I think the spreading of information regarding this changover will be enough that most people will be fine come then. There will be a lot of misinformation propogated out there by cable companies, but most people won’t NOT be able to watch TV then.

2. iTunes will cave to the pressure and go fully DRM free in music.
I think the pressure here and sales lost to the other DRM-free options, especially Amazon, will cause iTunes to finally drop DRM on their music.

3. A really good Sci-Fi MMO will both come out and succeed.
The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO is probably the best bet to see this happen, but I predict that this year is the year a Sci-Fi MMO starts to give the fantasy MMO market (mostly World of Warcraft) a serious competitor.

4. The new Star Trek film will both be the Nerdtacular 2009 film, and will not be remembered fondly.
I predict that many will see this film and that it will do very big box office numbers just because of the hype. I also predict the film will not live up to the hype and most watchers, especially the hardcore Trekkies, will not enjoy this film. All that being said, if it IS the 2009 Extralife Nerdtacular film of choice, I will still attend and hope I’m wrong.

5. Both Marvel and DC will release more superhero films which futher build up to an eventual Avengers and/or Justice League movie.
Marvel’s overtly done this in both Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. I predict that not only will it continue, but DC will begin hinting at a Justic League movie as well. I do not predict we will see the big team-up films in 2009, just the further build up to them.

6. The worship of Jesus Christ will explode in a formerly “closed-off” country somewhere in the world.
Most folks will never know it because the mainstream media won’t cover it, but I predict that a country where another religion is currently dominant and/or state-enforced will see massive numbers of people realize that Christ is the Way, Truth, and Life, and it will lead to major political change.

7. Two out of the three major missing iPhone 3G features (cut and paste, Multimedia messaging, and turn-by-turn GPS directions) will be added via firmware this year
The Multimedia messaging is going out on a limb, but I really think we’ll get at least two of these added to this phone this year, mostly due to the extreme competition this phone is going to get from Google Android-based phones.

8. I will acquire one of the three current major game consoles this year, only to have the next generation of consoles be announced.
I predict I will finally decide to purchase an Xbox 360, PS3, or a Wii, and a very short time later, the next generation of consoles from these companies will be unveiled. That’s just my luck, heh.

9. Megan and Julie will be living in the garage apartment before February ends.
Not much to say here, I just think it’ll happen, and within the next 2 months.

10. Josh and Angie’s baby will be a girl.
I got a 50/50 chance of being right on this one, and I think this is what it’s going to be.