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Need tech advice and a check in on my predictions

Man, I’m doing really well with my promise to better update this thing, aren’t I?

So I’m in need of some advice. My desktop computer is randomly restarting. I don’t really know what’s causing it, so I turn to the wisdom of the masses for ideas of what I need to do in order to fix it.

Here are the facts.

1. It seems to reboot whenever it’s been idle for a pro-longed period of time, and I try to start up a program, usually iTunes or Firefox

2. It’s also rebooted on me when I’ve tried starting up a few programs at the same time, typically World of Warcraft and something else like Firefox or iTunes.

3. Sometimes it just re-starts, other times I get a Blue Screen of Death with the error “MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION”

4. My antivirus is fully up to date and scans nightly. Spyware is scanned about once a week, and rarely returns anything to delete.

If you need any additional info, let me know I’ll try to answer as best I can. If you’ve got any ideas as to what it sounds like is broken, let me know. I’ve been leaning towards backing up all my files and then formatting it and reinstalling everything, but I’ve never done that before and don’t want to do that if it’s a hardware issue. The process sounds a bit scary, heh.

Now let’s go check in on my 2009 predictions thus far in 2009!

1. The digital TV transition will be mostly hitch-free.
Well, the transition has been officially delayed until June, but stations are now “free to choose” when they want to switch! Yeah, real smart, this issue is confusing enough for the average TV watcher, let’s just make it worse! So far, there haven’t been mass reports of people wondering why their TVs aren’t working, but with the delay (sort of?) I think this one is too early to call!

2. iTunes will cave to the pressure and go fully DRM free in music.
Yep. Right on the money with this one. The majority of their library is now DRM free (if slightly too expensive compared to the Amazon MP3 Store). They’re still using AAC format, rather than MP3, but at least it’s not locked down to hell.

3. A really good Sci-Fi MMO will both come out and succeed.
So far, this one hasn’t come true. Yet.

4. The new Star Trek film will both be the Nerdtacular 2009 film, and will not be remembered fondly.
Well, I’m technically half right here, but the major portion of this prediction, that the film would suck, essentially, is not looking good. By all early accounts, this film is going to be incredible, and the Nerdtacular is going to be a ball of fun because of it!

5. Both Marvel and DC will release more superhero films which futher build up to an eventual Avengers and/or Justice League movie.
So far, no new real announcements from either company about a new movie. Sure, there’s the upcoming Wolverine flick, but that won’t serve as a build up to an Avengers film (at least I don’t THINK it will), so this one’s currently a no.

6. The worship of Jesus Christ will explode in a formerly “closed-off” country somewhere in the world.
To my knowledge, this one hasn’t occured yet, but we’ll see.

7. Two out of the three major missing iPhone 3G features (cut and paste, Multimedia messaging, and turn-by-turn GPS directions) will be added via firmware this year.
Not just two, but ALL THREE of these are finally coming in the summer. About time, Apple. What the heck were you smoking??

8. I will acquire one of the three current major game consoles this year, only to have the next generation of consoles be announced.
There’s no news on any new generation of console systems yet, which is good, because I still haven’t decided on which console I ultimately want to buy. God I’m so indicisive.

9. Megan and Julie will be living in the garage apartment before February ends.
I think Russell got them in there before the end of that month. I’ll call this one a win.

10. Josh and Angie’s baby will be a girl.
Wrong here. Badly. Josiah Allen Henry is due to enter the world this summer!

Okay, well, it’s Easter, lunch is ready, and I’m done here. So catch ya’ll later.