The Karen FAQ!!

So, as many of you may know by now, I’m dating someone.

Not just ANY someone, mind you. A particular someone. A very lovely, kind, caring someone. I’m still trying to figure out how God I decided I was deserving of her, personally.

At any rate, her name is Karen Wilson, and those of you reading this are probably in 1 of 2 camps: You know who she is and are thinking to yourself “It’s about darn time, Bmatt” or you’ve got no idea who she is and wonder where she came from.

This post is for the latter of you guys. I call it “The Karen FAQ”. I’ll answer the most common questions I’ve gotten thus far about my now-girlfriend to the best of my ability!

1. What is this? How come I knew nothing about her?

Very few people knew that I had feelings for Karen or that I was planning on asking her out. The only people I’ve talked to in detail about it before it happened are the guy who discipled me throughout most of college and his wife (who incidentally named me their son’s godfather). A couple of close friends knew about it, but I didn’t talk a whole lot about it, obviously.

2. How’d you meet her?

College! We both attended Baylor University (though in different years) and we also both attended the same church. I actually forget how we initially met, but we became friends very quickly. During my 4th year, me, my roommate and several other guys would bring a few TVs and Xboxes to someone’s house and have a big ol’ Halo party on Friday nights. Karen was the only girl who attended on a regular basis. She’s hardcore, yo!

She actually moved away a couple of years ago to attend another school north of Lubbock, for a variety of reasons, and we lost touch until recently, when she found me on Twitter. We reconnected and recently met up in Arlington while she and her mom were visiting friends. We had dinner, saw Star Trek (my 4th time, heheh), and in general just caught up. It was the most fun I’d had in a long time, and that’s when I started to really fall for her.

So this past weekend, we arranged a weekend in Lubbock to hang out. I had promised her I’d wait to see Harry Potter 6 with her, plus there was a really cool Science museum there she said she wanted to show me. So we got together, had a great time (disappointing Harry Potter film aside), and on Saturday night, we got to talking, and well, I asked her to be my girlfriend. She (happily I hope!) said yes, and here we are.

3. So wait, she’s in Lubbock? How’s that gonna work?

She’s technically north of there, in Plainview, right now. Her family lives in Lubbock, but she’s got one more semester of college in Plainview to finish. After that, well, I suppose we shall see what happens from there. In the meantime, we’ve got cellphones, Twitter, and other forms of communication available to us, and we’re already planning our next weekend together. We’re both stubborn and we like each other, a lot. I’m very certain we can make this work!

4. So what do you like about her?

What’s NOT to like? She’s sweet, kind, caring, patient (at least with me, hah), very beautiful, adventurous, geeky (yes Karen you are!), genuine, I could go on. This is a woman who very obviously loves Jesus and genuinely does her best to walk with Him, and it shows. Any guy would be extremely lucky to call her his girlfriend!

5. Does she play World of Warcraft?

Yes, this does get asked a lot, primarily because a large subset of those whom this FAQ is directed at are friends from my WoW guild! of Earthen Ring, REPRESENT!

The answer is no, she does not play WoW. At least, not yet. :-D. I’ve asked her if she’d be interested, and she didn’t immediately say no, so I suppose there’s a chance! EDIT: She said she’s willing to give it a shot once she gets her compy back! W00t!

6. So what’s her twitter name?

I don’t think I’d better reveal that one without her permission. A sudden swarm of new followers might be a wee bit scary! I’ll let you all know if she’s okay with it. EDIT: I asked her and she said it’s okay. It’s

7. Man, she sounds great, and going by the pictures you posted, she’s really cute too. So what’s a girl like that see in a big doofus like you?

I have no idea, and I’m not going to question it! 😀

    • Hugh
    • August 18th, 2009

    I'm Karen's Dad Hugh, who with wife Donna had a fun time with Karen and BMatt this past weekend, enjoying being together in Lubbock. We shared some weird and off the wall humor, which bodes well for a lasting friendship among us.

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