Yes!! Paid Race Changes!!!

Blizzcon, as anyone who plays World of Warcraft is aware, is going on right now. And there’s way too much information for me to process right now. I might go back later after it’s all said and done and try to process out my own individual thoughts on everything, but one quick mention during one of the open Q&A sessions REALLY caught my ears.

Since the paid faction changes are coming, they’re also going to allow paid race changes as well.

I’ve been asking for that since I heard about the faction changes, and it makes me very happy. I get to institute a series of changes to my characters I’d been thinking about for a LONG time.

So here’s my current set of characters I actively play:

Dahkar – Troll Mage
Oldmanfranks – Undead Death Knight
Grothi – Tauren Druid
Durnit – Troll Shaman
Nihl – Blood Elf Warlock.

They’re a fun bunch, mostly. And I’ve enjoyed different things about them at different points during the times I’ve played this game. But if I had to go back and do it again, having the experiences I have now? I’d probably change some stuff up. And now…now I can!! Well, not now. But at least I know it’ll be soon.

But: One question remains….will we get this at the same time we get the new race/class combos? I’m hopeful we get them at the same time, and that it’s BEFORE the new expansion. But I suppose we’ll see.

Okay, gonna run down the changes.

Dahkar – stays the same. Heh.

Oldmanfranks – My Death Knight will become a troll, and he’s going to lose the OMF name and gain the name “Durnnit”

Durnnit – The shaman will become a Tauren and gain the name “Grothi”

Nihl – My warlock will become undead, with the name of, yeah you guess it, Oldmanfranks.

Grothi – Grothi will gain a new name, which I haven’t thought of yet. If I’m allowed to do so at this point, he’ll become a troll as well. If not, he’ll stay a tauren until I can.

So why the changes you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya.

Dahkar stays the same because he’s the first character I ever made, and I like him the way he is.

The Death Knight will become a troll because, frankly, I don’t much like the way undeads look in Plate armor. The exposed joints and everything….just seems wrong. So I’m turning him into a troll, which look awesome and are my favorite race anyway. I’m giving him Durnnit’s name, because in the story I created for them (yes I did that, I’m a nerd, get over it), Dahkar and Durnnit are brothers who pursue different paths to better their people (the study of arcane mage and the path of shamanism, respectively). I can amend Durnnits story to include a heroic death and rebirth at the Lich King’s hands to become a Death Knight, and the struggle to regan his humanity…er….trollity.

The Druid is going to become a troll….well, because I like trolls! Plus….one of the things I like about Taurens is their spell casting animation. Because of how the druid works, you don’t get to see that often. If I make the shaman a tauren, I will. Plus I can give him Grothi’s name and amend his backstory to make him choose the path of the shaman instead of the druid, which will also give him more connections with Durnnit’s past life. As for the new Troll Druid….well I don’t know just yet how his past is going to play out, part of that is going to come from whatever lore Blizzard puts in for how the trolls learned Druidism. Still, I’m thinking it’ll be cool.

So that leaves the warlock, who is currently a Blood Elf. Fine, I’ll admit it. I don’t like Blood Elves. Why? Because, like Oxhorn once put it, they’re so bloiting trendy. If you look at AIE’s numbers, we’re half blood elves. Everybody and their mother makes Blood Elves, and ONLY Blood Elves. It’s like…come on people, try a different race already!! So yeah, even though I REALLY don’t play him terribly much, that could always change, and so I’m going to make him undead, and he’s going to become Oldmanfranks. OMF’s backstory should be pretty easy to amend, just take it up to the point where he becomes a banker, but instead just shove in Nihl’s story where he meets the legendary Grand Warlock, Evrae, and go from there.

All things said, I’m stoked this change is happening and can’t wait to get to do it.

More Blizzcon thoughts later.

    • Jeff Anderson
    • August 26th, 2009

    I agree with the BE thing. Very trendy and I like Tauren's much better. If you check out all my Toons, besides the Pally and Priest, they are all Tauren. If possible, Wyndmight is going to become Wyndbane, a Tauren Pally. Then Wyndlight will become a Tauren Priest and Wyndbane will be renamed Wyndmight and I will generate a totally new story for him. *scritch* hmm, maybe I should call Wyndmight Wyndfury?

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