Well, it’s another weekend, which marks a break point in the continual 5-day drudge through the work week before I get to see my lady again. October 15th cannot get here soon enough.

Well I suppose it COULD get here too soon, if it was right now, and then I’d be wondering why I’m writing this and not getting dressed and on the road. But then again, that really wouldn’t be too soon either, honestly.

At any rate, she is off on a retreat with her sorority sisters, so we’re unable to communicate until she returns. Which given that my friends Alex and Tiffani are together this weekend when they’re normally seperated by half the friggin’ country, seems somewhat ironic. While I am fiercely jealous, I’m also very happy for them. They ARE my friends after all!

Last night I completed a spectacular goal in World of Warcraft. To those of you who play and are at least mildly familar with the Ulduar instance, let me just say that our 10-man finally completed Mimiron Hard Mode and earned the Firefighter achievement.

To those who do NOT play or don’t know just how insane that fight truly is, let me run it down a bit.

This is Mimiron. Mimiron is one of the Keepers of Ulduar, essentially a powerful being created by the Titans to watch over Azeroth, and more specifically the Old God imprisioned in Ulduar, Yogg Saron.

Hey Yoggy.

Unfortunately, Yogg has opened up cracks in his prision, and his power and evil has corrupted the 4 keepers, essentially driving them insane. Essentially, Yogg Saron’s power causes the Keepers to destroy anything in their path using their areas of influence. Mimiron, as a clockwork mechanical being, is an expert in the areas of building machines. When you enter his workshop, he assumes that you’re there to test our his newest and best invention yet. Which he does by unleashing its firepower on you.

His first part of his invention is the Leviathan Mark II, essentially a big ol’ tank with mines, a napalm shell launcher, a battering ram, and worse. Once you wipe our it’s health, he moves the tank away and moves on to the next part.

The second part is the VX-001 Anti-Personnel Assault Cannon. It’s a stationary mobile turret. Mimiron rotates around the room and unleashes blasts of energy at anyone in his line of fire. He also radiates massive amounts of heat from the turret, launches rockets at you, and occasionally charges his turrets up for the P3W x2 Laser Barrage. That will kill you if he hits you with it, as will the rockets, instantly.

After you destroy the turret, Mimiron summons the final part of his invention, the Aerial Command Unit. This thing looks like a big head with a pair of helicopter blades keeping it aloft. In this part of the fight, he shoots plasma blasts at you, drops Bomb Bots that walk over to your raid and explode, and also summons Assault bots as well.

Now, if you manage to defeat the Aerial Command Unit, Mimiron will happily exclaim that the preliminary testing is complete, and now it is time for the true test.

The Leviathan Mk II will roll out, the VX-001 will sprout hands where it’s turrets used to be, and dock itself into the Leviathan. The Aerial Command unit will attach itself to the top of the VX-001.

The V-07-TR-0N is now formed. It has most of all of the abilities of the 3 parts, including the mines, the Laser Barrage, the rockets, and the Shock Blasts. All three of it’s parts are independantly targettable. And you must bring all three pieces’ health from 50% to 0% at the same time. If you don’t, they repair themselves.

So yeah, does it sound crazy? It’s pretty nuts, to be sure. If you wanna see it in action, watch this video that another guild made of the fight.

And that’s not even his HARD mode.

His hard mode is activated by pushing that big red button you may have spotted during the video before the fight starts.

That button activates the Self-Destruct Mechanism. It also gives all of his “parts” 25% more health, 25% more damage, and causes the room to start breaking up…and catch fire.

The fire is what makes this encounter nightmarish. It’s constantly spreading, is only randomly put out by some various extra abilities that Mimiron gains, and essentially means you have to be almost continually moving throughout the fight or you burn.

It’s insanely hard. Here’s a video of the hard mode for you to see for yourself.

Yeah, we beat it last night for the first time. I was so happy to get that done. Now I never want to do it again, haha.

Okay, I’m going to end this one for now, but I’ll leave you with a pic of my newest little reward for completing an achievement that takes a year to complete, because it requires you to do all the achievements associated with all the holidays in the game.


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