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Avatar is a freaking REDEMPTION story, you morons!!


If I hear one more person blast Avatar for being an anti-capitalistic, anti-militaristic, pro-nature worshipping, white-people-are-evil-racists movie that isn’t worth anything, I am going to punch them. Inna jimmies. If they don’t have them, it’ll be to the gut.

Seriously. Shut the hell up. All of you. You’re idiots.

This is a film about a dude who’s willing to do whatever it takes, hurt whomever or destroy whatever will get in his way, and doesn’t believe in a thing beyond what he can see, all for selfish reasons, discovering that there is a much wider view of the universe than he has been led to believe, including a God figure that provides not just for the “chosen people”, but any who will follow him. He changes. He sacrifices all that he knows for a better life, a simpler life, and relies on faith when all seems hopeless. And in the end, his example inspires others to do the same. He opposes those who kill and destroy for their own ends.

Are we noticing any parallels here?

Let’s try looking a bit beyond the surface next time, shall we?


2009 Predictions wrapup!

Howdy everyone. You might remember back in January of last year that I made a set of 10 predictions that I thought would come true in 2009. Let’s take a look at how I did, shall we?

1. The digital TV transition will be mostly hitch-free.
Yeah, I’m gonna call this one correct. There was a lot of speculation that a ton of people would be suddenly unable to watch TV and wouldn’t know why, and that it would cause a firestorm of complaining, something that would be newsworthy. As far as I can tell, that didn’t happen, probably because most new TVs sold for the past few years have all had built in digital tuners and the continues information campaigns caught most of the rest.

2. iTunes will cave to the pressure and go fully DRM free in music.
Kaboom. And about dang time too. 2 for 2 so far!

3. A really good Sci-Fi MMO will both come out and succeed.
Ooops. Here’s our first biff. The Knights of the Old Republic MMO I talked about when I initially made this post has not yet been released, nor has Star Trek Online. The MMO space was still dominated, and quite hardily, by World of Warcraft.

4. The new Star Trek film will both be the Nerdtacular 2009 film, and will not be remembered fondly.
I am happy to say that in this one, I was only half right. It WAS the 2009 Nerdtacular film, but holy COW was it good. At the time I made this, we really didn’t know much about this film, but there was a lot of speculation that caused longtime Trek fans to be nervous. We needn’t have worried, because this film was spec-friggin-tacular. One of my favorite films of the year.

5. Both Marvel and DC will release more superhero films which futher build up to an eventual Avengers and/or Justice League movie.
Swing and a miss. Nothing from either of these 2 companies that built up to a big “team” superhero film.

6. The worship of Jesus Christ will explode in a formerly “closed-off” country somewhere in the world.
This one is hard to say, because I don’t have any real proof to show this, given that most mainstream news sources won’t cover something like this. I have heard, from several friends at my church in Waco, stories of large numbers of peoples coming to knew Jesus in several locations, including Vietnam. I trust these people absolutely, and since it’s my blog and I don’t really need to prove this to anyone, I’m calling this one correct, and happily.

7. Two out of the three major missing iPhone 3G features (cut and paste, Multimedia messaging, and turn-by-turn GPS directions) will be added via firmware this year
Two out of three. We got Cut and Paste and MMS for sure, but the spoken turn-by-turn directions are still a no. Yeah, that’s right, I said they’re a no. Why? Because the ludicrously expensive TomTom app and the even-worse AT&T “Navigation Plan” do not even come close to counting. They’re pathetic. Actually, the GPS in the phone itself is probaly the one thing I absolutely HATE the most about the iPhone, because it doesn’t even work. I know Tom Merritt over at CNET has predicted for the past 2 years that standalone GPS units would fade away as they were rolled more and more into cellphones and similar all-in-one devices. Personally, I don’t see it, but my only experience is with the iPhone, and it not only shows me in the wrong area all the time, it also drops my location, repeatedly. Still, this prediction is a solid yes.

8. I will acquire one of the three current major game consoles this year, only to have the next generation of consoles be announced.
Wow, wrong on both counts. Didn’t buy ANY of these consoles, and there’s no new console news at ALL. Weird.

9. Megan and Julie will be living in the garage apartment before February ends.
I was kind of reaching for a prediction here. This seemed like something good at the time. Russell got em in there in time, though.

10. Josh and Angie’s baby will be a girl.
Much to Josh’s happiness, I was wrong here. He’s a boy. I’m his Godfather. ^.^

So all in all, I got 6 completely right, 3 completely wrong, and about half and half on one. Not too bad, overall.

I don’t really have any set predictions for 2010. I could do some for technology, but the folks at Buzz Out Loud pretty much covered that fairly well in this episode. I’d recommend you all start listening to that podcast this year and keep yourself informed on tech!

I could do some personal predictions, but none of them would be terribly interesting. I have plenty of HOPES for this coming year, and lots of wonder about all the possibilities it’s got to offer, but nothing I can really “predict”, per se. I’m just gonna look forward to what 2010 has to offer!